Cannabis Influncer

Promoting good uses of medical marijuana

Marijuana is a plant. Let’s just get that into perspective , many people criminalize marijuana; especially in the black community when in reality it was the caucasoid race who infiltrated “The war on Drugs” But we’ll discuss more on the history of marijuana and the advantages and why it was used against a specific community. As well as beautiful pictures of different strains, and reviews on different sativa/indica/ hybrids. The effects of different strains usage on the mind and body. We’ll also touch base on CBD and it’s benefits.

Criminalization on marijuana

The war on Marijuana

As you all know, marijuana is a plant but some of the White Race classifies marijuana as a drug. Now marijuana was always a problem within certain communities and “kind of people”. I say this because often African American communities are looked down upon often oppressed. Within the African American communities we tend to see the criminalization of marijuana harsher on the black community compared to a Caucasoid community.
Many Afro-Latinos and African American lives are affected by marijuana arrests, some even deported.
In the United States it is proven that African American race and the Caucasoid race both use marijuana at similar rates. However an African American is more likely to end up incarcerated for having possession of the plant. The war of marijuana has been literally a war of color. This was a way enslavement but not actually slaving but slaving the mind. Once one has power to your mind, only you as well as a whole can make a change.
The war on marijuana vs The war on color; The statistics show 716 per 100,000 of African American were arrested for possession of marijuana while as Whites were 192 per 100,000. This is a drastic difference within the numbers, all being biased over color. Let’s tap into legalization, The legalization of Marijuana hasn’t change much, many who were criminalized for marijuana cannot own or be involved within the cannabis industry. About 81 percent of the cannabis business is owed by the White race, only about 4 percent African Americans are within the cannabis industry.