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Tarot by Tez 🤍

Hello! My name is Tez. I am a Tarot Reader, Psychic (Intuitive Empath & Clairvoyant), Poet and Writer.

I am also the Founder of Tarot by Tez and the Co-Founder of Crystalline Mystics.

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✨ Tarot by Tez is my Personal Blog whereby I will be posting Tarot Readings, Stories, Poems, Quotes and other random posts of the day, Do check it out at:

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🌼 I write poems too. Do check them out at Wattpad: @tashajenkinslikan

A brief history of my spiritual journey:

The first time I did a private tarot reading with CL ( A tarot reader, Psychic and Medium) I was quite scared because I have never interacted with a tarot reader and I was skeptical that time too. The first reading I had received was whether I will pass my examinations ( Yes, I did passed it) and the rest was history. I have been into Astrology and Tarot Readings for quite some time even dates back to as a child. When I used to pull out a newspaper just to read the daily horoscope. This new age spiritual movement, divination practice, whatever you want to call it really intrigued me and made me dive deeper into the rabbit hole and somehow after a long reflection, the dots are finally connected into a straight line; enlightenment. Slowly but surely after years of searching the meaning of life, it was about time that I found something that resonated with me. It helped me understood the idea of life by not simply living but to be alive. It helped me turn into a better version of myself. To liberate me from an oppressive way of thinking, to break free from a narrow-minded society and norms. Along the way too, I have created my own brand of individuality. Thus, throughout this process I have rewarded myself a happier and loving life, everyday. It was rather a bittersweet awakening at first but I am glad that I partake in this journey. Without courage or optimism or even try something new for a change, there is no way I would have found out how wonderful life can be.

Therefore, I am here today sharing bits by bits of my knowledge and skills. I believe that tarot readings or psychic readings should be blended in with spirituality and psychology as many modern psychologists have used this method to consult with their patients. This practice is common in the West and I hope this will be widely accepted as well at where I am currently residing right now. For the time being, I am forever grateful that I am able to help those in need that have approached me. As this spiritual tool is a way for me to guide myself and I hope in a way it will guide you too towards a meaningful journey. It is not merely just fortune-telling but to map your destination in life. To walk the path less traveled.

Love, light and passion,
Tez ♡

✨ My Services’ Price List ✨


🌸 Once you made your booking, please pay in advanced to secure your place. Preferably online banking transfers and I will give you my details.

🌸Please give me your full name (and/or) the person you enquired about.

🌸 Please give me your birth date.

🌸Send me a DM on the topic(s) of your choice.

🌸I will deliver your readings via Whatsapp or Email in PDF form.

🌸 Once you have chosen your topic, please specifically describe your questions. The examples are below ⬇️

🌱 Love - Your partner’s current feelings towards you, etc.

🌱Finance - Your finance in the year 2021, etc.

🌱Career - What is your future career, Career advices, etc.

🌸Do make sure your question(s) is the one that you really want to know the answers/guidance.

🌸If it involves other people in the reading please give me their full names as well specially for the topics under LOVE.


💟I do not offer PAST LIFE readings at the moment.

💟 No LEGAL and MEDICAL/HEALTH readings.

💟No TWIN FLAME readings.

💟 No FUTURE SPOUSE prediction.

💟I do not confirm the accuracy of my readings (no future is set in stone, tarot readings are only meant to be guidance. You are the master of your destiny. The outcomes of your future are based on your current energy. Meaning to say, you have many options/decisions in life to choose from)

💟 First come, first serve. All bookings are slots based.

💟I can refuse a reading if it’s inappropriate or for any other reasons.

💟You can always set in mind that these tarot readings for entertainment purposes.

💟Your private readings will be confidential. I am not responsible for any damage, problems, etc once it is sent to you.

💟 I do not sugarcoat my readings so be prepared for the outcomes.

💟I only accept clients at the age of 18 years old and above.

💟All readings are strictly not refundable.

💟Other than accuracy; sometimes details, questions, answers, truth, etc won’t be revealed to you 100%. This is because some things aren’t meant to be told or anytime soon. It is the law of the universe. God has better plans for you (please bear that in mind). As mentioned before, tarot readings are only meant to be guidance. I am just a medium who will be channeling messages that only need to be heard.