Dealing with people who disagree with you

If you have a platform on pinterest, Instagram, etc. You have definitely delt with some type of hate before.

For example, last week someone I thought I was friends with blew up and created a fake scenario and photoshopped my messages and told people I was a bad person. She told her followers to block and report me for something I never did and I still dont know why shes mad at me

I posted one story pin about it. I was not rude, I did not bash her, I did not even tag her. I didnt tell people to report her, all I did was laugh a little because how I caught her and my proof that it was fake was that she spelled my name wrong at the messages. I posted the proof just so people didnt think I was mean, and to straighten things out.

Even though I was never at fault, and I was never rude, people got mad at me and told me I was rude for posting it.
I was nice and fair and yet I still received hate even though someone else lied.

My point is, no matter what you do or say, someone will always disagree with you and maybe hate on you. You just have to get used to it and learn from it. I either ignore those people, or politely tell them why I disagree with them.

Too many people spend too much time argueing with people who arent going to ever agree with them. Fighting with a rude person won't get you anywhere.

What I do is i say God loves you and then block the haters.

If your a christain, even more people will disagree with you. They will also laugh at you and probably call your names. But letting those people get to us and letting them change us is what the enemy wants. He wants to get into your head and mess with you. He wants you to doubt your faith. The people who call you stupid or weird for loving God are the people who are hurting because they don't have a sense of love or purpose in their life. They dont know Jesus.

Dont give your haters what they want, and if you can, spread Gods love whenever you can. People will always disagree with you, and dwelling over that will make things worse.

I hope this was helpful! Have a good week!

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