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Don't you dare (ext. mix) Don't you dare- Eva Ilios)

Μαμά (The Choir Collection- Eva Ilios)

Writings on the wall cover by Eva Ilios

Summertime live cover by Eva Ilios

Heavens care (Heavenly Ep- Eva Ilios)

Want you to care ( Sing with me Ep- Eva Ilios)

Eva Ilios

Singer Songwriter-Music Producer-Vocal Coach

Raised in a home full of music, Eva started humming her first melodies as a baby, to her parents’ big surprise. At the age of 7, she started having piano lessons, which led to classical singing lessons. People knowing what a talent sounds like, assured she was gifted with a great voice.
Her first synthesizer helped her reinvent her self as a composer and not just a performer. She took her first ten pieces to London seeking the right school for her needs and came back with an offer from one of the top Music Colleges in Great Britain, to attend the Master course for Music Composition for Media. Ironically enough at the same time she graduated from college as a journalist and was offered a job as a newscaster at a major TV network. She had to decline the Master course, but her music dreams turned out to have a life of their own. She never stopped experimenting in her home studio and eventually she left the TV world, to invest all of her energy to music.
Eva was nurtured with the typical soundtrack of the American Dream and she has also been deeply influenced by classical hearings, but the explosion of New Age music shaped irreversibly her musical tastes. Imagine all these elements blended with a bit of quality Pop flavour, and you’ll know the origins of her sound. And then comes her emotive voice to take all this to a “different” level. When it comes to lyrics, it’s all about love and spirituality.
Her 1st album «Heavenly Ep» includes nominated song «Heaven’s Care «, and her 2nd Ep “Laughter” includes the homonymous “Hollywood Music in Media Awards” nominated song for the World category!
Eva ‘s 3rd Ep, entitled «Sing with me», includes uplifting songs like «Want you to care» and atmospheric songs like «Fear». Her 4th release with the single: «Don’t you dare!» in 3 versions has caused a sensation with its melodic tune and expressive vocals!
Finally, with her 5th release «The Choir Collection» album, Eva dares to combine the choral sound with a classical flavor in a pop song’s structure and the outcome is impressive!
Besides her songs though, great comments have been expressed for her
classical-instrumental pieces suitable to use for corporate and TV commercial use and media productions.
Eva love musicals, therefore she has also, studied musical theatre and acting in a drama school.
In her pursuit to become an efficient music educationist and help people to «find» their voice and to understand the rules of melody and harmony, she has acquired a Diploma in Contemporary Singing and Music Theory, and works as a vocal coach- music teacher.
At the moment, Eva is at the studio, producing her new album and she is
Rehearsing for her upcoming live presentations of her new songs.
Digital Releases – EVA ILIOS
Available in iTunes , Apple Music, YT music, Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Amazon and all the major digital stores worldwide

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