My story


My journey with Jamu Tun Teja for the past 5 months has been AMAZING. Literally has been my life changes. Now its my turn, I'm inviting you to feel & enjoy the experience yourself!

Our signature none other than JAMU TUN TEJA

BEST supplements for women

~ Shine your inner & outer beauty
~ Help with menstruation cramp
~ Balance your hormone
~ Contain HA that helps to beautify your skin
~ Boost metabolism, GET YOUR IDEAL BODY WEIGHT
~ REDUCE PIMPLES appearance
~ Helpful milk booster too
~ indirectly be your EXTRA INCOME

let's take some time to read for our clients feedbacks and get some idea on how JAMU TUN TEJA will HELP & CHANGE your life 180°

Recommendation #1

Intensive Plan - 2 sachets day and night to extract the maximum benefit, great for weight loss journey & for super mom in confinement.

This plan cost you RM352/month. You'll get 4 boxes in total and guidance for Jamu consumption. Extra gift for you. Not enough, DOUBLE EXTRA for you, I'll charge the postage to my account, postage/delivery is FREE for you.

Recommendation #2

Progressive Plan - Gold sachet for once in a day. Best to boost your skin with collagen & keep the energy high throughout the day.

This plan cost you RM176/month & of course with my guidance for Jamu consumption. I want you to feel the amazing benefit too! No worries, by taking this plan, I'll charge postage to my account too. You got me there beautiful👌🏻

Recommendation #3

Economy plan - Settled with the maximum benefit of your gold sachets, here comes the saving part; take it once every 2 days!

This saving plan will only cost you RM88/month. I believe in this maintainance journey of yours, you no longer need my guidance. You are awesome! Eh wait! for a beginner who wanna try this plan on your first try, I'LL BE VERY HAPPY to guide you through. Allow me to be your morning alarm every day ❤️

Is it safe my darlings? INDEED!

here's our KKM NOT. extra info for you, our Jamu is approved under traditional medicine not a juice product, hence, it is expensive (worth every penny i promise you)

your turn!

Feel it, create your own journey.

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