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User ideas!

Depending on what your account will be about, use a username suiting it!
Aesthetic- a name which will catch your type of audience. If your an aesthetic fanpage use a name like ‘meloncgd’ or whatever you think suits your style!
Edit- the same applies for the aesthetic, but depending on your app you use to edit try and include that in your user. If it’s a long app name try to short it down (eg: video star- vs)


Sometimes getting new fonts are hard and it takes ages to get a new one you like.
My tips here are to look at large accounts and ask them their fav and what they recommend. Normally their followers will like whatever type of font the large creators have and they will mimic their actions to have a chance of being a bigger account aswel. This could further them actions on to you! Good luck <3

Dafont <3


Bios are hard to get, so here a few!

❝ fandom!﹞જ ⌟
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❝ pronouns ❞⚡︎ᜊ

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🪜: 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 amazing
tc: ..originalchar


Make sure to have a unique thumbnail compared to others. When people scroll through your account they’re gonna see your thumbnails. I’m not really to bothered about mine because I mostly don’t have the time to make new ones each edit/video. If your an editing account though it’s mostly key. This then shows off your personality without anyone even seeing your edit yet! It really helps grab an audience. Yet this is also the same with an aesthetic account (: (free thumbnails each photo if your interested in any!!

Nice fanpages:

Nice fanpages have more chance of being noticed. This is because they’re kind to
1) their idols
2) other fanpages
3) and anyone who try’s to bring them down. They mostly kill them kindness making less people try to make them seem as ‘rude’ (the nice fanpages are always favs’)

Tips: be kind to as many fanpages as it will gain your followers as much as the person your being nice to. Their fans see you being nice and that triggers them wanting to follow you because of your positivity!!!
(I follow positive people ngl)

‘Famous fanpages’

No matter what you do, you do have the ability to become famous. Just don’t give up. spread your tiktoks through dms and in self promotion videos on the for you page, spread your vids there too! Also do gaining videos it gains other fanpages followers and so does it for you!

Last but not least:

Here are some free pfps for you!
It includes: Zoe laverne, avani, madi, Charli, Addison and more <3


Last addi!


Avani <3

Young avani

Zoe <3

Zoe (young) <3


Madi <3

Baby Charli and Dixie <3

Dixie!!! ❤️❤️