about me!

hey there ✌🏼
my name is Ev! I’m married to my high school sweetheart farmer & we live on our beautiful family farm in Northern Michigan.
here’s the lowdown on me - i know you didn’t ask 😆
• i love all the coffee. seriously- you bring it and we are besties. instantly.
• i love fitness and food. it’s kinda the worst combo ever but I cant give up either...
• i could live outdoors- love hunting season especially
• i despised the idea of selling any product whatsoever for 5 years- thought it all was a scam and never gave it the time of day!
• i love memes. the funnier & weirder, the better. the rubber chicken ones make me cry with laughter.
• i love people so much- but I love being alone. something about a healthy balance of each does my soul good.
•short version of my love story next >>

our story

we met at age 12. i remember this sweet blue-eyed mischievous boy opening the door to welcome our family over - i knew instantly i was so gone & called up my besties to tell them about my first crush. the next few years went by before he *finally* asked for my number one day as I was washing my hair in a mud sink. 😂 the rest is now history. i married my farm boy in 2019 and he’s still the sweetest heart i’ve ever known. visit our family business website insta @friskefarmmarket or at www.friske.com

my personal before & after = trust.the.process

from brittle, over-processed, unmanageable hair that would NOT grow... to shiny, strong, healthy hair that grew 12” in 4 months? yes, please. now it’s your turn! I share shampoo now because I finally actually LOVE my hair!! For you who struggle with any issues hair related - let’s get your hair healthy this year!! Swipe to see several options available & learn more!

my top 5 recommendations

these are hands down my top picks (besides shampoo, obviously!) your hair and skin game will be changed forever once you get your hands on these!

Rejuveniqe Oil

a blend of 13+ natural plant and essential oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients highly compatible with the skin and hair! this oil is SO pure and versatile - I use it to improve my skin’s clarity plus strengthen hair strands while boosting growth!

Rejuvabeads-Split End Mender!

the ONLY product that naturally heals your split ends!! eliminates breakage & frizz, increases shine & improves color! hair is left stronger, more flexible, manageable and resilient! stop thinking a hair cut is the only way to fix those splits!!

Berry Scrub ✨

need a natural glow? first off- this smells like HEAVEN & you need it just for that. but seriously- the exfoliating part is made of real cranberry seeds, & will literally brighten your skin while giving a healthy soft glow! its my fav Sunday routine.

Rewind Age Control Nectar

need to fix age spots, lines, uneven skin tone, scarring, loss of elasticity, or dull complexion?? this.is.for.you. No matter your age, your skin will benefit from this healing serum! Immediately hydrates, firms, and smooths.

Wellness - healthy lifestyle support!

vegan, quality, unique unbeatable ingredients to benefit your health! beauty comes from within, these products will help you feel your best & support your hair and skin beauty to look your best!

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retail, customer, or partner?!?

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