Hi Friends !

Welcome to our Rad Estrella Famoily

My name is Evielle (E V L) my peeps call me Evie !

Im just your typical organic, vintage vibin, food lovin, family oriented oily wifey.

To give you a back story about me, I've lived in New Jersey all my life with my loving family which is made up of my two younger brothers and my mom and pops! We were definitely are own type of brady bunch, I grew up jammin to 80's music which to this day is still a playlist and eating the best food ever and being loved and supported by the best folks out there. When I got married in August of 2018 I moved to another part of Jersey which was kind of different to what I was use to. Adapting to this new life was a little nerve wrecking but was truly exciting! I now have a bigger family which includes eating more delicious food and hangin with my hubbs and his fam bam who are down to earth, caring and hilarious ! We always have a blast! My husband is truly my best friend and a blessing. We are both into bettering lives always doing it with simplicity in mind! We believe in the thrift shopping and the diys (because the smell of wood is amazing lol) and the living all n a t u r a l because thats what makes it fun and is 100% better for you! Don't get me wrong we love our pizza and chickfila since ya know junk food makes anyone happy from time to time haha!

Our top priority and favorite thing to do would definitely be our volunteering and bible education work! We love helping and teaching others how to benefit from what the bible says its truly our life and everything else comes after ! This truly makes us happy and makes us ... us !

We started to dig oils a while back ! Especially because I have an auto immune condition that comes with different symptoms and one of them is heightened smell! I don't do candles, perfume or fragranced cleaning products.. its just hard to handle ( just like dairy lol) My husband and his family have used and worked with these oils while they lived in Ecuador and he truly see's the benefit of using them as do I ! It has been a total game changer for us. To be able to read and investigate more about the benefits and the support that each oil gives you emotionally and physically is soo awesome!

The oily life has changed us for good! We are creating a non toxic home for our family and its been an adventure. We are seeing the difference with using these oils in our daily routines and using products that we know wont harm us and know exactly what's in them ! As we continue to grow I see the importance of sharing our adventure ! Im here to guide you on how you can have an oily and natural home too!

Now that you know who I am ! Lets talk about how you can get started on changing your life foreva ! How you can get your kit and learn to use your oils for all your daily needs and overall wellness And how you can ditch the yucky chemicals and go for the all n a t u r a l, starting from dishsoap to makeup !

Soo lets oil it out together !

⋒ Evie

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