A little compilation of messages. Check every 25th?

Hello, my love! I made a short compilation of messages that I gathered for you, and maybe a few other of your characters. Happy Monthsary! It's our 30th for now, but you'll be checking this every 25th siguro?

I guess that's all for now. I love you!


Letter #1. Hello, softie!

Happy 30th monthsary to us, my love! Can you believe it? Thirty months...even I never expected this and I'm surprised– (I mean this with good intentions). You, my love continue to amaze me with everything you're capable of. You're able to turn my frown upside-down and mind you, that itself is a workout. You have me wrapped around your finger, I crave your very presence each day. My love, this fondness will only grow as I spend an eternity or even more with you. I hope you don't get tired of me that fast– Amore, I love you. I am in love with the way you release the caged butterflies trapped within me, the way you embrace me and keep me safe from everything else in this world. I love you, always and forever. To the moon and back. I love you.


Letter #2. Another lifetime.

Happy Monthsary, softie ko~ First off, thank you for being a loving husband and a loving father to Bora and I. Up to this day, it still feels surreal that I'm able to wake up seeing the two people I love most, either watching cooking shows, or having fun in the kitchen. It's one of the simple joys of being a mother and a wife that I appreciate the most.

Often times, I ask myself if within these 30 months have I properly expressed myself in the most vulnerable ways possible. I still struggle to tell you things, softie. But always remember, your presence is enough. Knowing that the moment I arrive home, I have you and Bora greeting me? That itself is enough to heal everything I've been through.

I know that we're not perfect, we have the most unusual ways of showing affection to each other and that's only one of the many things I love about us. Renji, I love you. I love us. I love you, I love you. Forever and always, to the moon and back.


Letter #3. The great writer.

A dear friend of mine, someone I hold dearly and value a lot. Hello, babie! 30 months na yung comfort characters natin. 🥺 Thank you, for making such a great character out of them, and for being so understandable of my schedule. For having the best music recommendations, to the amazing surprises, and the late night movie marathons.

Thank you, for always having my back especially when I want to run away from everything else. Thank you for staying up with me, and believe me when I say that I've never been more glad for someone to have the same fucked up body clock as I do.

You have such an amazing mind and heart, that you pour your soul into every character you write, especially you know who. Wink wonk. Our comfort characters. Always know, that you will always have someone to run to as long as I'm here. Twitter, telegram, messenger – hmu anywhere. I'll be there as soon as you need me. Plus short breaks, nap times, more procrastination, and snack breaks. I love you! Here's to more blissful months with our characters!