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Bringing quick recipes made with easily available ingredients at home!

So how much does it takes to lighten up your mood and satisfy your cravings with your favourite food which can be made at home with simple ingredients available. Here’s from a girl who hated entering the kitchen once upon time ago to becoming a huge food enthusiast 🍴

Soft pretzels 🥨

As we all know the knots in pretzels depicts the image of folded hands,pretzels were traditionally used as a reward for kids in return of learning their prayers back in 610AD.

Ingredients required:
1 1/2 cup warm water
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
2-3 tbsp active dry yeast
4.5 cups all purpose flour
3 tbsp oil
2/3 cup baking soda
Eggs for egg wash

•Preheat the oven 230C
• In a bowl mix sugar, salt and water,then add yeast and let it rest for 5-7 mins.
•Add flour and 2 tbsp of oil and knead until soft dough is formed. Now remove and place the dough in bowl greased with that leftover 1tbsp oil
•Cover the dough with plastic wrap/wet cotton cloth and keep it in a warm place for 1 hour.
• Cut the dough into 8 pieces and roll them out in thin ropes twisting the two ends to form a pretzel shape
• Add baking powder in a large bowl of water and bring it to boil.
•Boil each pretzel for 30 Sec each side
•Tranfer to a baking tray which has been greased with oil and flour and then brush the pretzels with egg wash.
•Bake for 15-20 mins until golden brown.

Cinnamon rolls .

The famous spice of Sri Lanka was introduced by the Roman traders in Europe before the Sweden’s adapted it!Cinnamon rolls were invented in 1999 by Swedish home baking council. Alternate Names: cinnamon buns, cinnamon swirls,cinnamon danish, cinnamon snails.

Ingredients required:
“For the dough”-
•2 small cups of warm milk
•1/2 cup of granulated sugar
•1/2 cup of melted unsalted butter
• 2 1/2 tsp active dry yeast
•4 1/2 cups All purpose flour(+extra for kneading)
“For the filling”-
•3/4 cup of light brown sugar or castor sugar.
•3/4 cup of softened butter.
•2 tbsp of ground cinnamon.
“For the frosting”(optional):
*Option number 1 easy water glaze:
• 1cup of icing sugar
• 2tbsp butter
• 2-3 tbsp water
*Optiom Number 2 Cream cheese frosting
• 4 oz of cream cheese
• 2 tbsp butter
• 4 tbsp milk
• 1 cup icing sugar
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
- Add warm milk, melted butter and sugar in a bowl and mix it well and then add active yeast and mix and let it bloom for 8-10 mins
- Now Add 4 cups of flour in the wet mixture and mix and knead until dough is formed.(the dough can be messy at this point so make sure everything is incorporated as it is a soft dough)
-Cover the dough with cling foil/cotton cloth and let it rise for an hour.
-Meanwhile Prepare the filling , add softened butter In a bowl along with brown sugar and mix until creamy.
-Now add cinnamon powder to it and mix well.
-Coming back to dough once you see the dough has doubled in size and little bubbles are visible Knead the dough again by adding 1 cup of extra flour.
-Take it out on your working table and knead it (add some(not a lot)of extra flour if you feel it’s too sticky)
-Now roll out the dough in rectangle shape ensuring the edges are firm!
-Plop your filling on different sections now on the dough and spread it evenly.
-Now gently start rolling the dough from one end to another with your hands.
-Make sure it has been rolled evenly.
-Now FYI if you have a DENTAL FLOSS then use it to cut even pieces of rolls or else use a sharp knife.
-Now grease your mould and place the rolls in it (do not jam pack em) now cover the mould with a cloth and let it proof for 35-40 mins before they go in the oven.
-Preheat the oven
-Once you see the rolls have doubled in size Bake them at 180°C for 25-30 mins until golden brown.
-Meanwhile add butter and sugar in a bowl along with cream cheese and whisk them together gradually add milk and vanilla extract,whisk them altogether until creamy enough for that drizzle.
-After rolls are baked add your frosting and voila!!


A little description on benefits and flavour of Banana blossoms/flower a.k.a The VEGAN FISH!

Every part of banana tree is useful in some way or other, you can eat flower ,stems and fruit of a banana tree! So the banana flower also know as the banana hearts is loaded with lots of Fiber , protein , potassium, calcium,iron, magnesium, copper , phosphorus and Vitamin E (phew) so you see this is one damn ingredient it has almost everything 🤷🏻‍♀️.
So this ingredient is vividly used in many parts of south India, some of the famous recipes of banana blossoms are
•Banana blossom Fritters:- vadi/pakoda in our language is made from banana blossom flowers, ginger garlic paste, spring onion, green chilies,turmeric and red chilli powder.
•Vegan banana blossom paella :-The combination of saffron infused rice , flaky banana blossom,peas, peppers, string beans,&shallot
•Vegan fish pie:- So basically giving a twist to the well loved British dish by giving it a vegan makeover, banana blossom replicates in this hearty and comforting dish.
And many more...
Coming to it’s benefits!
This little ingredient as you have seen is a power pack combination when it comes to health benefits soo FYI it helps in-
• Controls diabetes
•Improves lactation
• promotes in supporting your kidney to function
• Supports menstrual wellness
• Averts cancer and heart diseases
• Slows the ageing process.
Also the taste of banana flowers can be explained as : Raw starchy a lill bitter when consumed uncooked where as when cooked these flowers tastes rather similar to an artichoke heart /flower.

Did you Know?

Fun facts about Garcinia Indica / Kokum , a fruit bearing tree that has various culinary uses.

Garcinia Indica is a plant from the mangosteen family which can be found in the western ghats of South India and in some parts of both Maharashtra and Goa.
So what’s special about this little fruit which can also be called a look alike of “cherry tomatoes “ 🤷🏻‍♀️
You see the dried version of Kokum has been known as grandma’s cure to acidity since a very long time and also in helping to support your body to have a healthy heart.
//Culinary uses of Garcinia Indica or Kokum can be explained in many ways:-
-The perfect balance of sweet and sour taste can be managed very easily with the help of this ingredient!
•Kokum sherbet:- Indian cooling drinks using Kokum is very popular , it is made from Kokum , black salt , sugar and cumin seeds.
•Sour Kokum cocktail (basically the source from where I came to know about Kokum) this is a Rum based cocktail along with Kokum and sweet lime juice.
•Kokum is used in many Maharashtrian dals as a substitute of tamarind because of its sweet and tangy flavour.
And many more...
//Benefits of Garcinia Indica ~
• It is loaded with nutrients , It contains malic acids, citric acids, vitamin B,dietary fibre, potassium, garcinol and ofcourse manganese!
•The Antifungal and antioxidant properties helps Kokum to be used as a preservative.
• Helps in digestion
• Has anti inflammatory properties.
• Brilliant remedy to control cholesterol and helps in weight loss!

Simple Pizza Dough at home

The most loved and relished pizza has a lot more than just it’s scrumptious taste which each and every taste bud might crave for! Pizza is basically a savoury dish of Italian cuisine consisting of usually flattened bread dough with tomatoes,cheese, and often various ingredients like anchovies (forage fish),mushrooms,olives,onions ,meat etc etc. A small pizza is called PIZZETTA, A person who makes pizza is called PIZZAIOLO!

Ingredients required:-
“For the dough”
(Serves 4 good large pizzas)
•2 1/2 cups of warm water
•1 tsp sugar
•2 tsp instant dry yeast
-Mix all of these ingredients together in this sequence and let the yeast produce little bubbles which means it is ALIVE,let it sit for 5-10 mins.
\Moving further
•7 cups of all purpose flour
• 1 1/2 tsp salt
• 6 tsp of extra virgin olive oil
- Add all of these ingredients in the next step in the following sequence,in a big bowl and add the water and yeast mixture in it and knead a dough for about 7-10 mins (you’ll know the dough is done when you press the dough and it springs back).
- Now make a smooth ball sorta shape of your dough, cover it with a wet cotton cloth or cling foil and let it rise for an hour or two.
- After you see the dough has doubled in the size you can divide it into 4 equal parts and cover each single part with cling foil or cloth and let it rise for another 1 hour.
Now coming to the pizza sauce
•6-7 whole tomatoes
•2-3 tsp oil
• 2 clove garlic
• Half onion
• 2 tsp sugar
• 2 tsp basil
•Salt, pepper to taste
- Cut small “X” at the end of tomatoes
- boil them In a pan for 5 mins, take them out and peel the skin.
-transfer 3tomatoes into a blender and blend until smooth.
-Now in a pan out oil, garlic and onions until they turn golden brown
-Add the leftover tomatoes and cook.
-Add the purée now,add the seasonings and cook for medium flame.
// preheat the oven for 10-15 mins
~After the last proving now it’s time to roll out the dough!
- so roll out the dough in a concentric circle/oval (in my case)
- Use your pizza sauce add good amount of mozzarella cheese on top of it and bake it at 180 °C for about 15-20 mins when you see the crust is all red and golden brown!

Did you know ?

Fascinating facts about discovery of icecream 🍦 .

//The “coolest” dessert in history is believed to be originated from China back in 200BC as they were the first ones to invent SORBETS which is considered to be an icecream like food. A dish was prepared from buffalo milk, flour, rice mixture and camphor,this entire mixture was frozen in a box or tub which was filled with snow and rock salt.
//Gradually a bed of ice and salt was spread in proportionate layers over and around the mixture (gives me chills 🥶 when I get that visual picture in my head)
//The mixture was stirred to incorporate air spaces and was cooled below the freezing point of water for avoiding detectable ice crystals ❄️.
~ Orange blossom 🍊🌸is believed to be the first flavour of icecream to be introduced! Ice cream eventually made its way to the new world in the 18th century
~ The first advertisement of ice cream appeared in New York Gazette on May 12,1777.
•According to one legendary Myth the Roman Emperor Nero had ice collected from the Apennine Mountains to produce a sorbet mixed with honey and wine 🍷 🍯.
•Talking about it’s encounter with Italian culture, Marco Polo is often credited for introducing sorbet style dessert to Italy.
So you see there’s a lot more about this delicious thing than this if go in details.
||Alternate names - frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet , frozen custard etc varying from country to country||

Did You Know?

Benefits and uses of Juniper Berries ,this female seed cone has various potential uses rather than just flavouring of GIN.

This female seed cone is produced by the various species of junipers, Juniper berries are unusually fleshy and merged scales because of which it looks like a Berry although it is not a berry but a CONE(ripened berry like fruit).
/Culinary uses:-
•In the mid 17th century a Dutch physician created and marketed a tonic made from juniper berries. This tonic now known as GIN 🍒🍋 soon became a buzz producing alcohol beverage rather than the medicinal tonic.
•It is also used as an spice for meats 🥩, stews and sauerkraut.
•Massive flavouring agent in sweet dishes like fruitcakes etc.
•Other juniper flavoured alcoholic beverages includes the Finnish rye and juniper beer made from the juniper berries and branches.
/ Benefits of juniper berries:
~ Has antidiabetic properties
~ Promotes healthy heart
~Has antibacterial and anti fungal activity
~High in nutrients and powerful plant compounds.
~Good for digestion and also helps in curing upset stomach, bloating and loss of appetite.
“ the extract of juniper berries were historically used to treat many ailments including snake bites and worms (in the intestines)”

Did You Know?

All about Stone fruits, everything you ever wanted to know about these large hard stony fruits which are the reason behind that perfect pie and cobblers.

Peaches 🍑, nectarines, plums, apricots and cherries 🍒 are all closely related members of the Prunus genus. They are commonly referred to as stone fruits because their seeds are enclosed by large and hard pits (endocarps).
- They are also called a DRUPE and the stone inside is obviously sometimes called the seed but but you see this the common mistake, as the SEED IS INSIDE THE STONE! 🤷🏻‍♀️
-Stone fruits all contains less than 1 gram of fat , about an average of 67 calories per chopped cup, and of course rich in vitaminA&C. (A perfect option for healthy snack for you diet freaks!)
*Comprehensive Stone fruits list*
• Peaches-Fuzzy on the outside with a hard sharp pit in middle 🍑
• Plums- they’ve just secured a rich luxurious win for being so desirable
• Nectarines - A cousin to peaches yet distinctly separate appearance!
• Raspberries and blackberries- Aka caneberries or brambleberries botanically THEY ARE NOT BERRIES AT ALL. But aggregate fruits made of drupelets
Etc etc and the list continues...
~So the easier way of cutting/slicing a stone fruit is to ripen the fruit by storing it in a bag with a banana, avoid putting them in refrigerator.
~ Remember it’s testing procedure is just like avocados 🥑 they should be firm!

Did You Know? 🎃

Everything you can know about this spooky ancient festival of Samhain , and the history of Trick or treat!

The tradition originated with the Celtic festival of Samhain , when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts! Over time Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick or treating 🍭, carving jack o lanterns 🕯💡, festive gathering, donning costumes 👘 and eating treats 🧟‍♀️🍬!
//So what is the actual story behind the concept of trick or treating?
It is believed that trick or treating evolved from a ritual where people dressed as ghosts and demons, performed dances👯‍♂️around a bonfire🔥 and received treats 🍬to appear the evil spirits🧙🏼‍♀️🧟This practice known as MUMMING ,back to the middle age!
~Here’s a list of all the famous spooktacular treats ~
•Rosemary-pumpkin seed brittle
•Mummy Pumpkin Hand 🥧 pies
•Spiced pumpkin molasses cake 🎃 🍰
•Spider Cookie truffles 🍪
•Coffin sandwich cookies 🍪⚰️
•Hats and bats chocolate tarts.
And many more......

This recipe requires patience and love!❤️🍰

The blueberry cheesecake originated in history because it was used to feed the athletes of the Olympic Games in Greece. This would make it an historic dessert for centuries. So here’s an easy recipe which can be easily made at home from scratch!

*For the cream cheese *
•2 cups full fat milk
•2 cups Amul fresh cream
•4 tbsp of vinegar/lime juice
•1/2 tsp salt
•1 tsp vanilla extract
“Preheat the oven at 180C”
-Warm up milk and fresh cream in a heavy bottom sauce pan, add a pinch of salt and keep stirring.
-When it comes to a boil add vinegar,mix it well and within 4-5 seconds you’ll see
-the milk would spilt and curdle. Keep stirring till it comes to a boil and set it off the heat.
-Now strain the mixture with the help of a sieve or Muslin cloth and let it get strained for about 30 mins.
-Grind the mixture now in a food processor till it becomes light and creamy and add vanilla essence for flavouring.
*For the cheesecake*
•7 oz of digestive biscuits
•1 tbsp of sugar
•1/2cup melted butter
-Grind the digestive biscuits in a food processor
-In a bowl mix the finely grinded biscuits with butter and sugar
-Transfer it to a baking pan Use a flat surface to evenly spread it, now bake it for 8-10 mins at 180 C
•3-4cups of cream cheese
•2cups of castor sugar
•1/2 cup of heavy cream
•2cups of sour cream/hung curd
•5-6 tbsp of flour
•1-2tsp vanilla extract
•4 whole eggs
-In a bowl whisk cream cheese and sugar together until it becomes creamy
-Now add heavy cream and sour cream gradually and whisk gradually
-Add flour and vanilla extract
-Now gradually add in the eggs 1 by 1 keep on mixing and try not to OVERMIX THE BATTER!
-After your crust has come to room temperature, transfer the batter over it.
-Place your baking dish on a large pan and fill the pan with hot water about 1inch to dish
-Now bake the cake for 1 hour at 180 C after baking let it stay inside for another 30 min
•1 cup of dried blueberries
•2-3tbsp of blueberry crush
•1tbsp water
•1/2tsp corn flour
-In a pan add water, crush& berries and cook on low heat within 1-2 min add corn flour and mix until it becomes thick and glazed.
-After the cake has been baked add the topping when everything has come to room temperature.
-Refrigerate it for 20-30 mins before serving!!!
Bon appetite 🖖🏻