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Hey Peeps! I’m Shelby!! Im a wife, a mom to 3 amazing children, 2 spunky girls and a sweet little boy! I love redecorating my house (more than I should). I love everything beauty and home decor! I have so much to be grateful for. I want to share all my favorite things and some of my story! I am a neat freak and perfectionist, but I also am a mom and don’t have my crap together.. like ever. 🤷‍♀️. I’m excited to get to know everyone!

The one who made me a mommy!

At about 4:45 am on Septmeber 14th, 2016, I woke up with the dire urge to pee!!! I stood up and took 2 steps and thought I had started peeing my pants. Our dog Ryker at the time was following behind me cleaning up the floor (EWWWW!!!). I was so annoyed and embarassed because I felt like I didn’t have any diginity left. I went into the bathroom and sat down to finish peeing / clean up and thats when I felt my first contraction (also, when I realized my water broke). I thought to myself that these were the Braxton Hicks that everyone was talking about. Well.. unfortunately that wasn’t the case and I sat on the toliet for about 3 minutes, then I YELLED for Kelby. We had a contraction timer on both of our phones and he started it. He looked at me and said.. it says get to the hospital now (my contractions were about 2 minutes apart). I told Kelby that it was probably false labor and that we should wait a little bit to see and he basically grabbed me and my bag and shoved me in the car.. Haha! He was freaking out!

While in the car my contractions were getting stronger and I was getting scared so I tried to stay quite and Kelby kept asking me how I was doing and I LIED to him and told him they were basically gone even though he could tell I was totally in distress. I think the light to turn into the hospital parking lot stopped us and I just let out the biggest scream and said “OH MY GOSH, I THINK I’M PUSHING”!! Kelby kept telling me to STOP, but my body was doing it all on its own.

Kelby dropped me off at the door and some guy came out with a wheelchair and made me sit in it (instert eye rolling emoji). I was trying to be super prideful.. it wasn’t really working. When the worker took me up to labor and delivery he said “You’re not going to want to wait on this one”. They nurses chuckled and brought me to the check in room. I told them I just needed to take off my pants, I couldn’t handle the waistband on my stomach. The ladies told me to get on the bed and proceeded to ask me questions and started hooking me up to monitors. I was basically in tears at that point telling them I was in a lot of pain. The nurse then checks me and says “Oh Honey, You’re only at a 5, you have a long time to go especially with this being your first baby”. She asked if I wanted an Epidural and I said YES!! She told me the anesthesiologist was in a c-section and would come up as soon as she was done to adminster my Epidural. Kelby finally comes into the room after parking the car, and all he heard was c-section, so he was like “What? She doesn’t need a c-section”. The nurse started talking to him and I was basically in so much pain I was pulling off the monitors and couldn’t sit still. The nurse kept telling me to calm down and I was just like, this is fake, Kelby lets go home. I was terrrified to give birth!!! My body was pushing the baby out itself and i begged the nurse to check me again and she puts her hand inbetween my legs and gets on her walkie talkie and says… “i’m going to need some help in here right now”, “honey your not getting an epidural, the babies head is already coming out”. I basically lost my shiz and said multiple times “i’m going to die”!!! Kelby says the look on my face was so serious.. he honestly believed me because i looked that serious (I WAS). So, as they push my bed into the delivery room, i’m screaming at the top of my lungs, my body pushes the baby out all on its own at 6:08 AM. I HAD NO CONTROL!!!! I think the nurses kept telling me to stop pushing and i kept saying “I’M NOT TRYING TO, IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING”!!!! These ladies were making me soo mad. The doctor came in the room as i was pushing the placenta out.. and just had told the nurse she was going to let her finish up. I needed stitches so after the placenta came out she stepped in to sew me up!!

Just a heads up, when delivering a baby you should probably just tell them what the heck is going on because if you try to pretend that it isn’t really happening.. the baby still comes.

Kelby called his parents and told them that I had the baby, and Kelby’s mom said “She’s in labor”? Kelby was like “No, the baby is already here”. She seemed pretty shocked the baby came so quick! After delivery, the nurses were like ” It’s so rare to have someone with a first time birthing experience like this”. I was just ignoring them becasue, i didn’t believe them for a second.

Hadley making me a mom was the best day of my life!!!! She came out healthy and ready to feed!! I was so exhausted but so proud of myself! I NEVER THOUGHT I’D BE ABLE TO DELIVER A BABY WITHOUT ANY MEDS!!! LET ME TELL YOU I FELT LIKE A FREAKING SUPER WOMEN. My recovery was so quick I think I was a little sore for about a week, and then I was completly fine. Hadley was the easiest baby she basically slept all the time and only woke up to eat. she had her own schedule which was amazing! She woke up every 4 hours to feed and then she went back to sleep! We are truely blessed to have her in our family! SHE FITS RIGHT IN!!