Hi, I'm Amy Murphy!

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My name is Amy and I do literally a little bit of everything….

WIFE & MOTHER: I’m first and foremost a wife and a mother to three beautiful children who keep me very busy day- to- day. I absolutely love my family with all my heart and everything I do is for them.

WORK FROM HOME: I work from home with an online beauty, health & wellness company. I’ve been in network marketing over 24+ years. I’ve been in my current company for 7+ years.

AUTHOR: I wrote a book (and created a course to go alongside of it). It’s a guide book to help people connect the dots to game changing moments in their past experiences. My hope is to inspire shifts and changes within people to help them live a life they love moving forward.

ACTRESS: I have been a TV & FILM actress since I was 19. I started out in the industry by modelling when I was 16, realized I was too short so I quickly switched to start auditioning for print work, commercials, TV shows and movies.

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR: I am obsessed with paranormal investigating. I explore haunted places and film the experiences with my other paranormal obsessed friends. We post the findings on YouTube and other social media platforms.

MINDFULNESS: I love nature and going for walks. I can watch birds all day long and I feel the most at home, the most grounded and most connected when I am in the forest. While I do love to watch waves and feel their power rolling through the ocean and, yes, I love to stick my feet in the river or in the sand, I don’t actually love to swim. I’d rather be on the waters edge, meditating and connecting to the elements around me.

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My First True Passion

I've been in the acting and modeling industry for almost 25 years.

I ran my own acting workshops, private coaching and I have a long list of credentials that you can find on IMDB under my stage name (which is also my maiden name) AMY KERR.


I have been a licensed professional makeup artist and nail technician for over 20+ years. I have experience as a makeup artist on movie sets, fashion shows and photoshoots as well! I bring all of this acting and beauty industry passion into my online business and I love to share it with my customers and business partners.

Lights, camera…. ACTION!


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My hobby

Paranormal Investigation

In the extra nooks and crannies of my life, I spend my time in the Spirit world. Seeking connection to the other side, growing my own gifts and learning more about energy and spirit around us.

I have always been fascinated with ghosts, spirits and all things paranormal for as long as I can remember but it has only been in the the last 3 years that I have taken it to the next level by being more public about this part of my life.

I recently worked on a TV series called Haunted (Seasons 7, 8 & 10 on Eastlink TV) working as a paranormal investigator. It was a great opportunity to showcase my spiritual and intuitive gifts. I grew a lot during my time as a co-host on that show and it helped give me the confidence in how I communicate with spirits today.

For the last 3 years I have been doing haunted explorations with my soul sisters where we seek stories and connection with spirits.

We have started a YouTube channel to share more of our stories.

You can find us on Facebook on our business page and we also have a private FB community for deeper connection with us and others.

We produced a music album that is on Spotify and you can watch the lyric videos on our YouTube channel.

We also have a huge following on TikTok (111K+ followers)

And most recently, we are producing our own docu-series!!!!

Follow our social media platforms for current updates on the Soul Seekers Paranormal adventures!

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