I take shampoo & goals seriously!

Stay at home mom turned online business owner

Skeptical turned believer - I am passionate about what I do. I started my non - toxic hair journey in July of 2020, I had an immense amount of hair loss & the worst acne I have ever experienced in my entire life (have you seen my skin transformation)?
That’s when my passion was sparked. A feeling I haven’t felt in such a long time.

I was / am a stay at home mom fulfilling what I still believe to be my highest calling (being a mother)!

The thought of going back to work NEVER crossed my mind but I did want to do something from home to help lighten my husbands load - I finished up with my degrees & just didn’t feel happy with the career I wanted to pursue. Looking back I wasn’t happy at all in that area of life.

The thought of monetizing my social media & sharing all the things I love DID NOT leave me alone - so I went for it!

I was presented with the opportunity to start a business with Monat & I shut that down for a bit .... until I was losing sleep over it! After much prayer, I decided to go for it & let me tell you, my only regret is not starting sooner!

I am so grateful to work from home on my own terms & I am passionate about helping other people do the same - I am passionate about transforming hair, skin and confidence.

Don’t over think it, it’s just shampoo! Let’s work together! 💕

Thank you to all that have trusted me with your journeys. I am here because of you!

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