I’m Erika - wife, mama and sister. My fulfillment for helping others has always been on my heart. Little background... I am a licensed cosmetologist (10+ years). Having clients leave my chair feeling their best was the highlight of my days in the salon.

I left the hair industry to expand my resume and gain some office experience. That blossomed into becoming a recruiter down the way. That feeling of making such an impact in someone’s life will never escape me. Calling them with great news to tell them “the role is yours”. At times that call changed their circumstances and assured they were able to comfortably care for their family another month. You can’t jaded by seeing/hearing that person be so happy and grateful.

About 6 years later I left that role for an opportunity. Soon I realized there was a missing piece — I genuinely missed helping people and making an impact.

Insert Arbonne...I tried a few items with to support my family members business. I quickly decided to upgrade into a independent consultant from a customer (I had no intention on starting my own Arbonne business). I am not a social butterfly or have a huge social media following but I took the leap anyway and regret nothing with this new journey.

If you’re looking for:
• An uplifting community that matches your morals
• A honest desire to help others & better yourself inside out
• Have an interest in a healthy lifestyle

...this could be your vehicle to glow and grow with me!

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