ExhiBOOBtion 2021

The Bristol UBT Maker’s Market

The ExhiBOOBtion is an annual event put on by the University of Bristol CoppaFeel! Uni Boob Team 🌸🌸

This year things are looking a little different but we have an amazing line up of artists and makers who, on the 2nd May, will be donating 5% of the day’s sales to CoppaFeel! Use this website to find their shops and more info on each artist.

Make sure you tune in on the 2nd between 10am-3pm for live music and talks from artists and small business owners!

And finally, make sure to cop’ a feel!

Bristol UBT SU page


Check out our artists

Each artist has been hand picked by the UBT team!


I’m KP the face behind KP Paints, a feminist artist specialising predominantly in abstract nude work. I started my small business during lockdown last year and started painting friends for fun. Since then I have launched 3 posters, 3 postcard designs, 2 prints, and sent commissions all the way to America and Australia! 🦋 I have been overwhelmed by the support for my art and endeavour to always support charitable initiatives with my platform and raise awareness for causes I care about.

These will also be in the silent auction! 💸

Katie’s shop link

Helen Harlow

Helen is an illustrator and designer base in Norwich. Her work is all about female empowerment and body positivity, she tries to breakdown unrealistic ideals around body image by drawing her characters in irregular and out-of-proportion ways!

She’s also donated a piece for the silent auction so make sure to check that out!

Helen’s shop link

Calum Gillespie

I’m an artist based in Bristol mainly focus on portraiture and life drawing. I am working towards being a full time concept artist for film and games after finishing my PhD here in Bristol. I have worked traditionally over the last year in lockdowns to try and avoid long stints starring at screens! I love painting with oil paints but am equally happy with just pencil and inks.

Calum’s Shop

Pink Moon

Pink Moon is a one-woman business run by me, Alice. From my studio in Bristol, I hand mix all the bright, vibrant colours that are so integral to Pink Moon earrings, and often mould shapes by hand too, meaning every single pair is totally unique and has its own unique pattern, markings and colour combinations – we’re talking truly one of a kind pieces of jewellery. All of my designs are made to make you feel joyful and confident from the moment you put them on – I hope you love wearing them!

All earrings come carefully packaged in a lovely gift box and cute, colourful packaging, which stands up to the test of the Royal Mail! Every order comes complete with a handwritten note; if you’re ordering earrings to send as a gift, you can write a note for the lucky recipient when you checkout on Etsy, which I will hand write and pop in the box with the earrings.

Alice is also donating a pair of earrings for the silent auction, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Pink Moon

Tanith Gould

Bristol based artist and maker creating original artworks, DIY macrame hammock kits and more!

10% of the profits from the DIY kits will go to Maybe Southwest, a Bristol based mental health charity

Tanith’s Shop Link

Tash Salkeld

My name is Tash Salkeld, I am a fine artist/ illustrator living in Bristol. I create minimalist abstract line drawings of faces and the female form with a colourful aesthetic.

Tash’s Shop Link

Helen Payne

I’m an artist based in Bristol, selling prints of my acrylic artwork, cute cards for all occasions, bookmarks, and even unique lino prints. I also sell original paintings and take commissions :)

I started Payne Paints in November 2019, managed to get through the weird and worrysome year of 2020 and come out the other side with lots of paintings to show for it! More new and exciting things are yet to come 💕

Helen’s shop link

Bottoms and Boobs

Hello, I'm Emily, creator of @bottomsandboobs. I created Bottoms & Boobs to share body positive art with the world. I started with plant pots and moved on to mugs, ceramics, cards and postcards. Everything I make is as eco-friendly and sustainable as can be and printed locally here in Bristol where possible. I hope to fill people's homes and hearts with boobs and butts of all shapes and sizes!

Bottoms and Boobs on Etsy


Hia, my name is Mari and I'm an artist based in Cardiff. I started Mythsntits just after I graduated in 2018.

Mythsntits is all about exploring femme and queer mythology, the cheekier the better! I also like to draw naughty welsh ladies!

Mari’s Shop Link

Yoli Ward-Streeter

Yoli is an illustrator and workshop facilitator based in Bristol, self-named 'a drawer of warm and wiggly bodies!' Her work centres on the body and the vibrancy and energy that can be gained from exaggerating the human form. She aims to create images that reflect the positivity that can be found in everyday life. Connection, community and self-love are all recurring themes within Yoli’s work.

Yoli’s Shop Link

Steph Garratt

My artwork has always focused on colour and the way different colours interact and make us feel something through their contrasts. As part of my UG degree I studied the German Expressionists, Artists like Kandinsky and Kirchner; painters who used colour to express certain things about their perceptions of the world. These ideas resonated very deeply with me and I take great care over the colours I choose when making an image.

In my current work I wanted to create a synthesis between the strange and wonderful images of the medieval world, scenes imbued with a rich spiritual context, and a very modern approach to colour. I believe that by reimagining images in the way that I do, I can contribute to the ongoing conversation of Art History. All art is a reflection, a copy or a reinvention of something that came before it. We can never come up with completely unique ideas, because our perceptions of the world are constructed by our memories of everything that we have seen, experienced and lived. I wanted to embrace this very human trait of taking inspiration from the things we believe to be beautiful and important, but make sure that I could express my particular world view through each and every image. In this, I feel connected to all the creatives that have come before me, allowing me to fit myself into the great narrative of art.

I have always loved the idea of people owning my artworks, hanging them on walls and decorating their homes, but to be able to see people wearing my designs and feeling beautiful in them, brings me a whole new kind of joy!

Steph’s Shop Link

Celyn Llinos

I'm Celyn and i'm a Welsh Illustrator based in Bristol, UK. My image making is inspired by my love for street style photography, expression through fashion and colour and my fascination with Japanese culture and art. I strive to capture the beauty in everyday life and our surroundings. I mainly work digitally or with screen print.

CelfCelyn Shop Link


Hello I am Hollie, the creator behind Bitsifind! I love to create portraits surrounding the subjects of feminism, body love, the relationship with ourselves and mental health. Self love and acceptance has been a huge part of my journey through life and Bitsifind has really changed the way I view myself and react to the world around me, I no longer feel the kind of restrictions we tell ourselves growing up. I am free to be whoever I want to be. I hope Bitsifind can do that for you too! I love sensitivity and empathy and self love and I hope all reflect in my floopers/gals. I also love ceramics, flower arranging and painting huge women with large bodies and tiny heads!

Bitsifind Shop Link


I’m Emily, I’m 24 and I created Hystorical to retell Classical and other mythologies with a feminist twist, making them more accessible and intersectional.

Through my art, I attempt to reclaim the female form the male gaze, particularly through reinterpretations of Greek sculpture. I’ve also used stories from Greek mythology to raise awareness about forms of domestic abuse.

All of my art is available to purchase, either check out my Etsy or drop me a message. Commissions available too! I’ll be donating 20% of my sales in the ExhiBOOBtion to CoppaFeel! 😍

Hystorical on Etsy

Amy Copeland

I am Amy, a self taught artist. Through my artwork I want to promote self love and body positivity. It took me a long time (til my late 20's) to fall in love with my body, especially my saggy boobs. Remember the pencil test? Well I can fit a whole pencil case under there. Now I want everyone to love theirs. Lumps, bumps, rolls, scars, sags & body hair. All bodies are beautiful. I am currently working on a breast cancer awareness and body positivity book to raise money for breast cancer.

Amy’s shop link


I am Bee ! And I am an illustrator based in Edinburgh - I’m in my 4th and final year at @edinburghuniversity studying illustration at ECA. I’ve been messing around with Fine Art and illustration for the past 6 years or so and my page originally started as some hardcore procrastination from uni work ... in fact I procrastinated so hard it’s accidentally become my almost full time job which I LOVE!

I use my art pretty much as a diary/therapy so everything I post on here feels very personal.

You may not know about some of the cool arty things I have done - but they include working with people like @staedtler, @coppafeelpeople, @rethinkmentalillness, @skytv and @wbtclondon to name a few !! I also recently found out I have been nominated as a top 15 finalist for @myunidays student woman of the year award which is pretty wild ! During pride month one of my posts ended up getting shared by Ariana Grande, Jameela Jamil and a few others! This year has been so hard for everyone for SO many reasons but I am finally getting to a place where I feel like all my hard work is beginning to make a difference! ✨

As you can probably tell I’m big on feminism, politics, destigmatising taboo topics, exploring my sexuality and discussing mental health. I hope u enjoy my art and that it helps u feel more at home in yourself and inspired to use ur voice ! 🌸

Bee’s Shop Link


Grace Cherry is the person (and actress!) behind @embroidcherry. She started her small business in July 2020 after finding herself enjoying doing embroidery to pass the time in lockdown 🪡

She's a big coffee nerd ☕️ and obsessed with houseplants 🌿which inspired many of her early designs.

With her most recent "Stretch Mark Power" series, representing stretch marks as bold, colourful lightning bolts, Grace aims to celebrate women's bodies and hopes her work empowers women to embrace their stretch marks, scars, belly rolls, wonky boobs... whatever! 🌈⚡️

Grace has created a gorgeous custom 6" embroidery piece for the ExhiBOOBtion featuring CoppaFeel! pink stretch mark bolts, keep your eyes peeled for that! 👀

Embroidcherry Shop Link


Hi! I'm Jemma and I create art that celebrates different body types and encourages self-love. My shop, artjjacobs, has different prints of my favourite body-positive paintings. In my attempt to be a little more sustainable, it also has some new and exciting ink drawings on home-made paper! I have various spaces for commissions in both my painting and drawing style - so feel free to message me and take a look at my instagram and etsy page for more info 🙂

Jemma’s Shop Link


Ella is an illustrator and colour lover who graduated from Falmouth Uni in 2017.

She makes work about stuff she cares about, like looking after our mental health, travelling and the pub!

Ella’s shop link

Ellie Jones

"I’m Emily, tea drinker cake eater and pom-pom maker! 🧶

I’ve been a bit obsessed with all things boobs since the end of 2019 when I got diagnosed with breast cancer (have since kicked it in the butt!). I started making boob poms to raise awareness and spread some joy. And now have wreaths, garlands, cats and all sorts of woollen wonders in my shop!

Everything can be made in custom colours, so the poms can fit any colour scheme. I’m a big believer in every home needing some pom-pom joy in it!"

Emily’s Shop Link

Rebecca Wise Studio

"I am Rebecca (she/they) and I make small batch, slow made, one off pieces of pottery and art. I rekindled my love of making pottery as another form to express my creativity and
as a therapeutic resource for me. I remembered that I really enjoyed it and started sharing my art with others. I find inspiration for my ceramics and art from nature, mid century design and body acceptance. I want people to look at my body acceptance ceramics and see themselves as a piece of beautiful art, that's why I paint all body shapes, especially focusing on fat bodies, body neutrality and self love so that we can embrace and accept ourselves because we are good enough just as we are.

Each ceramic shop update including the small batch of ceramics I have made for this online makers market are handmade, hand painted and glazed. Each piece is completely different
to the next one and made with lots of care. I am especially excited to share with you my ceramics at the market as I have designed a new handmade ceramic mug shape using the pinch pot technique. These gorgeous mugs will be available exclusively first at the makers market, I've even made matching saucers too!"

Rebecca’s Shop Link

Nina Sweeney

My names Nina Sweeney and I am an illustrator based in Manchester. My work is all about self acceptance, femininity, friendship and social justice. I love to work with lots of vibrant colours and patterns to create a positive energy in my work.

Nina’s Shop Link

For the Love of Tits

ForTheLoveOfTits is the child of the artist Daphne Bampanioti. Around 2018 Daphne decided to take a short break from her oil painting and started experimenting and making with clay. She immediately fell in love with the material and decided to focus on making a small series of sculptures. Daphne's previous work has been inspired by the glory and beauty of the female body and so her clay took the form of ceramic breast sculptures.

Daphne has been making breast and mastectomy sculptures ever since, capturing the beauty of all those womxn who inspire her every day. Seh names her breast sculptures after the womxn she has met. Lately, her making has expanded to include mugs, vases, incense holders and pots.

Through ForTheLoveOfTits Daphne marries her love of making and her love of painting and aims to encourage women to celebrate their beauty and uniqueness.

Daphne’s Shop Link

Scents of Humour

Scents of Humour is the brainchild of Aaron & Jack. Friends since school, we've always joked about making products together. Aaron, a product and packaging designer, has always been good at making things look great. And Jack, an aerospace engineer, has got the experience to make things work well.

Hands were recently forced when Jack was let go from his day job due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Having just become a father to little baby Henry, Jack and Aaron hatched a plan to design and make candles in Aaron's Kitchen.

Jack has been busy (inbetween changing nappies and night feeds) experimenting with wax and fragrance formulas and Aaron has been occupied with the branding and packaging design. Not to mention we've both been hard at work writing the content for our candles to make you smile. A few writing sessions at the pub later and Scents of Humour was born!

Shop Link


Original wire, beaded and resin jewellery made lovingly in Bristol by Fi, Ela, and Becky 🌼🌻 all items are made to order, so we are happy to take requests! 💕

ElfiBDesigns on Etsy


Hi everyone! We are Maggie (@magsw_art) and Becky (@bebtriesherbebst) from Unclothed Crafts. We are uni friends who met at a life drawing class and love to create artwork that celebrates vulnerability in all shapes and forms.

We will be selling hand-painted textiles (tapestries, t-shirts, tote bags) and hardback notebooks with embroidered fabric. With sustainability in mind, we will be making items to order and aiming to use recycled fabric where we can. The notebooks are made from
reused upholstery fabric samples and we would love to use any t- shirts or bags you have in the back of your wardrobe for the painted fabric items. As we are making to order, there is opportunity for personalising designs and price reductions if you provide
the fabric.

We are in the process of setting up an etsy shop. Head over to UnclothedCrafts to take a look at our items. Feel free to DM us on instagram if you are interested (thank you for bearing with us while we set up our shop)!

Isobel Higley

Promoting positivity and wellbeing, Isobel Higley Ceramics celebrates everyday rituals through beautiful objects.

Utilising clay with both historical and contemporary references, her work creates tactile forms which look deeper into our relationships with objects.

Isobel is a UK artist, who specialises in ceramics. After graduating BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University, Isobel worked in established potteries across the UK.

Her latest project "Positive Pottery" has been exhibited and published internationally!

She’s donated this beautiful speckled cobalt cup for the silent auction 👀

Isobel’s Shop Link

Live Line-up

It’s not all shopping today!

We’ve got some fabulous musicians, artists and business owners taking over our stories.

Phoebe from Boob HQ

Phoebe manages the Uni Boob Team campaign which means she assists the team leaders by educating and aiding them in how to facilitate CoppaFeel!’s key messages on campus.

She inspires student volunteers to maximise engagement, through awareness and fundraising, across universities. She also oversees student fundraising by developing the opportunities students have to support CoppaFeel! and deal with fundraising enquiries.

In short, she looks after anything student related at Boob HQ 🍉🍉

Learn more about the UBT

Katie Pritchard

Katie is one of our artists (kp.paints) and is also going to be taking to the lives to chat about how to set up a small business!

Mouthy Magazine

Mouthy magazine is an online publication that champions the outspoken.

The platform is built upon the concept that nothing is off-limits, hoping to
spread and normalise the notion that with greater conversation,
comes greater understanding.

They aim to always keep the discussion of important topics open;
shedding light on injustice, being vocal about hot topics and cultural taboos
and breaking down barriers of stigma and shame in the process.

Learn More

Trystan Hughes


Issue from Books That Matter

Books That Matter is the UK’s leading book subscription service, bringing female-led fiction and empowerment to thousands of women across the world.

Issie is going to be joining us to give some book recs with a booby feminist vibe 💕💕 she’s the content creator for BTM and an English Lit student at the Univeristy of Bristol! She also has her own book blog: What Issie Reads

Books That Matter was started by founder and CEO Molly whilst she was in her second year of university. Empowered, inspired and transported by the texts she was reading on her literature course, Molly’s reflection on her experience, that had opened her up to so many female authors, turned to frustration. As a working class student, she knew all too well the barriers to entry that stood in the way of higher education, and felt it was completely unacceptable that a huge proportion of women weren’t being afforded the cultural education of the women that came before her that she so deserved. So, in hope that she could be the one to bring this to them in a unique way, Molly founded Books That Matter.

Subscribe Here

The Choco La’s

Singing about life in three part harmony, UK indie trio The Choco La’s are made up of Bryony Dunn, Jake Andrews and Luke Andrews.

Their debut EP 'Emerald' is out now! 🎶 we

Emerald EP: Listen here

About CoppaFeel!

CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity

CoppaFeel! exists to challenge the taboos and misconceptions around breast cancer and to help ensure every young person is equipped with the tools to detect breast cancer early, whether that be in their 20’s or their 70’s.

Their mission:
🌸 To Encourage you to check your boobs regularly

🌸 To Educate you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer

🌸 To Empower you to seek advice from a doctor if symptoms persist.

If you’re forgetful like us, text ‘UBTBRS’ to 70500 for a free monthly reminder to check yo’ self 🍉🍉

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