The Experience Architect

We Build Blueprints for Success

At the Experience Architect, we specialize in strategic communications, customer experience architecture, marketing and design, and specialty event design and management. Our team prides themselves on delivering cost-effective and innovative strategies for clients in the public and private sectors. We visualize client goals and guide them through the strategic development process to achieve their goals.

In business for over 10 years, The Experience Architect, has worked with several premium brands and agencies to provide communication, marketing, and event management services. Let’s discuss your business goals, schedule a consultation today.

Core Services

Event Planning and Marketing
The marketing and events industry experienced a sharp pivot in the spring of 2020 as the world economy shifted to a virtual environment. In response to this shift, the industry accelerated its move to expanded online marketing and virtual events and merged two industries – X.0 and marketing. X.0 is the digital transformation of businesses processes that create a hyper-personalized experience for customers and clients. The Experience Architect embraces the X.0 design and approaches strategic communication, marketing, and event planning from the perspective of the client’s customer. Our goal is to personalize your message and deliver it to your target audience through online marketing and events that build a community around your brand.

Strategic Communications
Strategic communication is the core of your business and ties directly to your company's strategic and comprehensive growth plans. The discipline ties together strategic planning, public relations, marketing, advertising, and the personal side of your brand that connects to your customer. When done correctly, effective strategic communication positions your company to fulfill its mission. We approach strategic communication through the lens of strategic planning, mapping the appropriate communication touch points to reach your goals.

Customer Experience Architecture
Customer Experience (CX) represents the total sum of a customer’s experience and associated feelings about a brand. Its more than an event or a sale – it is every engagement, advertisement, and message a customer receives. Businesses that put their customer at the center of their business decisions reap the benefit of repeat loyal customers and build customer advocates that are paramount to success. The Experience Architect helps businesses evaluate their customer touch points, understand the customer’s journey, and develop business strategies to create a customer-centric culture.