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My top places to go in Zakynthos

Last year I’ve been traveling to Zakynthos and I will show you my top 5 places to visit in Zakynthos.

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My top place #5

My 5th favorite place to visit in Zakynthos is the banana beach and its surroundings. It’s the perfect place to just chill at the beach and have a perfect vacation 🌴🌊


My top place #4

This is another beautiful place to visit. The blue caves. In this area are tons of cool caves to visit. I’d recommend going by boat because this is the cheapest and best way to see all the caves and even drive into some of them.


My top place #3

This is also a beautiful place on Zakynthos. The turtle island! You are only able to visit this island by boat but its worth it. The island has a beautiful sand beach and when you come at an early hour you’ll maybe, be the first on the island!


My top place #2

This is a especially great if you just want to chill out and eat lunch with a great view. Then this is for you: the Keri lighthouse. This is an restaurant with the best view I’ve ever seen and and very chilled ambiance.


My top place #1

This is my number one place to visit: ship wreck beach. This is an extraordinarily place on the north-western side of the island. It features a visitors deck at the top of the mountain which you can visit by car or bus. But you can only visit the bay or beach by boat. And note: there are a lot of boats coming there so be prepared and come early! 🌊

My top #5 places to visit in Sardinia


I will show you the most enjoyable and photographable places to visit in Sardinia

#5 Cala Gonone

Located at a little Harbour surrounded by mountains it’s the perfect place to get lunch.