Exposing the MLMs

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Welcome to Exposing the MLMs! This page is dedicated to debunking lies, sharing veritable research & uncovering truths regarding multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes. I’m a former Monat distributor turned anti-MLM advocate who wants to raise awareness & save people from dangerous, predatory & corrupted marketing schemes.

My Personal MLM Experience

Today, I want to share my experience working for a multi-level marketing company.

I personally don’t believe in regrets, but joining an MLM is something I deeply regret- and I will never forgive myself for not doing any research prior to my commitment to the company.

Before I tell my story, it is imperative that I issue an apology. I have already apologized to numerous people privately, but I also wanted to release a public expiation. If I have ever sent you a cold message, asking you to join my MLM, I sincerely apologize. I did have any malicious intent, as I was brainwashed and falsely influenced by my upline and team. I regret not doing my research and attempting to pull you into this harmful scheme. Multi-level marketing is detrimental to your finances, relationships, your overall morale and your mental health. You are worth so much more than a copy and paste message and a $60 bonus.

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I was introduced to MONAT during the summer of 2020. The pandemic commenced about four months prior. I was out of a job, but I was able to rely on my small business, Masks by Solange Jolee, to gain an extra income. Business was steady, however, I was desperate. I was not making as many sales as I was during the beginning of the pandemic, and I sought an extra stream of income so I could support myself and my family through the hard times. (Now that I think about it, MLM distributors capitalized off a pandemic to receive new recruitments- and that makes me ill.)

I officially joined the MONAT family on August 29th, after receiving multiple cold messages, promising me free trips, an “all expenses paid” Cadillac, and five monthly paychecks. I was hopeful and determined to be a success, because as the “bossbabes” say, “Anyone can do it and make it big.” “Make money while you sleep!” Working from your phone with wifi? Seems easy!! I paid $239.52 for my starter pack & when I received my products in the mail eight days later, I started raving about how amazing this company was and how life changing the products are to my family and my Instagram followers. I was just doing what my upline and teammates told me to do, but I honestly felt very uncomfortable and I felt like I was gradually losing my identity. I didn’t feel comfortable going live on instagram, or making long videos discussing the opportunity or the products. I felt like a walking advertisement. I'm a very reserved person, so knowing that over 400 people were watching my story and likely judging me for joining an MLM bothered me. But I did what I was instructed to do.

I was required to contact at least forty to fifty people daily to pitch the “opportunity”; and this is something I struggled with significantly because I have severe social anxiety. A majority of the women I contacted were already aware of MONAT and their dirty scheme or just left me on read and unfollowed me. I felt like such a fool, but I had to do what I had to do because my uplines and teammates would guilt me if I didn’t. I also went into this business looking to make new friends and find my “girl boss tribe”, but I did not feel a genuine connection with my team in the slightest; I knew I was a pawn in their game- nothing more. I saw through their dishonesty, manipulation, arrogance, and brainwashed mentality. In actuality, I was indoctrinated into a literal cult (which I will elaborate on in a future post). A couple of my teammates have gaslighted me and other teammates for putting priorities such as school and family before the business. Last time I checked, this was supposed to be a side gig, not a career. If you were not active in the group chat, “you were not committed to the business”. If you didn't make a sale that day, “you were not committed to the business”. If you didn’t attend the toxic team calls, “you were not committed to the business”. In my heart, I WAS dedicated to MONAT and my success in the business, but I also wasn't happy. At all.

In the back of my head, I knew this wasn't for me. I pulled a couple all-nighters, extensively researching MLMs and MONAT specifically- I was disgusted with myself. I was advertising products that have resulted in hair loss and scalp burns. (Keep in mind that these products aren’t FDA approved.) MONAT has had multiple lawsuits and many women have had to file for bankruptcy because their MLM purged their bank account. The next morning, I contacted MONAT and requested a full refund for my starter pack. My guilt turned into a week-long depression, because I had come to the conclusion that I had been scammed. I wasn’t succeeding in the company, I was associated with a toxic environment, and I felt selfish, guilty and STUPID for promoting a company that has done so much harm to vulnerable women and men. I also struggled with my self worth because I had realized that my upline used me to get a $60 bonus check because of my recruitment. My perception of myself deteriorated so poorly that I had to return to therapy after not needing it for five months.

As of October 25th, I have officially parted ways with MONAT. I feel such a relief knowing that I no longer belong to a cult-like, unethical company. I implore you to do research and think hard prior to making a commitment to a company, a business, or anything involving your reputation or finances. Remember, multi-level marketing is designed so that only the top 1% succeed, and 99.4% of distributors lose money (did you know you can earn a commission on your own purchases?). It is not worth losing valuable relationships, friendships and the respect of others to make an extra buck. It is okay to want an extra stream of income, but never resort to joining multi-level marketing.

Stop Calling Yourself a Business Owner

Something that multi-level marketing distributors love to do is call themselves “business owners”. These distributors promise that you’ll have the luxury of managing your own business, calling the shots, and my favorite: “being your own boss” (which is false, because you have an UPLINE), but this is just a highly misleading recruitment tactic.

In MONAT, it costs $240 to start your “business”, however, microbusinesses cost about $3000 to start, and franchises vary between $2000 to $5000 to start. If someone is investing such a small amount of money to start a business, it's likely that they didn’t do enough research into the probability of the success of their business- because it's all too good to be true. Eventually, their business WILL fail. MLMs are not jobs.

I have some questions for all of the lovely “business owners”.
Do you manufacture your products? No. Do you control the pricing of the products you sell? No. Do you set the terms and conditions and policies? No. Do you ship the products to customers? No. Do you control product production? No. Do you control product design? No. Do you manage sales and promotions? No. Do you have a business license? No. Did you attend business school and/or possess a business degree? No.

Why do you need to “rank up” in your OWN business? You need to rank up from...yourself...in your business? Why do you need to rely on recruiting to “succeed” and “make money”? Why do you not know about flash sales in advance? Why are you always so “shocked” and “surprised” when new products are released? Why do you not know what products are being released until the DAY they are announced and/or launched? (This is something that confused me during MONAT Impact Week. None of the distributors knew what the new products were going to be, and immediately after they were announced, distributors were advertising them all over social media...without even trying the products out themselves first. Says a lot about them 💸 This was a huge red flag for me and one of the reasons why I quit.) Also, did you pay to trademark your company’s name and logo? Do you pay taxes? Do you pay your employees or “downlines”? Why can’t uplines fire downlines who aren’t recruiting and selling? Since there's numerous lawsuits against “your” “business”, do you need to attend court to handle legal business?

To all of the distributors reading this: you are not a “business owner”. You are not an “entrepreneur”. You are not a “founder” .You are definitely NOT a “small business owner”, either. You are a distributor working for a large company you pretty much sold your soul and morals to. You sell a ready-to-use product that someone else created, assembled, packaged and shipped. Additionally, MLMs are not entrepreneurship and with these companies, you’re not creating jobs. Calling yourself a business owner is insulting to those who own real businesses and work hard to make a living, and calling yourself a “business owner” is the equivalent of sh*tting on their success. You're a distributor and a customer. That is all. Stop self-inflating yourself.