1. Grab a Laundry Bundle & Free Tote!

    Grab a Laundry Bundle & Free Tote!

    Most store-bought laundry products contain a ton of toxic chemicals that are chemically engineered to leave an artificial film on your clothes.

    These residues trick you into thinking your clothes are cleaner or softer, when in reality they are simply... dirty tricks!

    What’s included?

    🌸Signature Scent Laundry Wash (50 FREE Loads!)
🌸FREE Limited Edition Laundry Tote
🌸Detox & Declutter Your Home Guide
🌸FREE Shipping
🌸OxyBoost Bleach Alternative
🌸Refillable Laundry Wash Jug
🌸Reusable Dryer Sheet Angel
🌸Enzyme Stain Remover
🌸Laundry Machine Cleaner
🌸Stain Stick

  2. Truly Free Cleaners + Free Caddy + Free Everyday Cleaner

    Truly Free Cleaners + Free Caddy + Free Everyday Cleaner

    Store-bought surface cleaners are loaded with harmful toxic chemicals...

    Exposure to these chemicals is being linked to respiratory issues, skin problems, endocrine & hormone disruption, and even cancer.

    Good news friend...You don't need chemicals to get the clean you deserve!


    Organize all of your favorite cleaning products with this durable, versatile & convenient Caddy.

    Securely fits 6 of 16oz Truly Free cleaners, 2 of 12 oz bottles on the sides & keeps the refill pouches handy too.

  3. Just want Dryer Angels?

    Just want Dryer Angels?

    Dryer sheets & air fresheners contain synthetic fragrances, ethers, petroleum distillates, and various other known carcinogens & endocrine/hormone and immune disrupting chemicals.

    Each Dryer Angel™️ is hand-sewn by women who have been rescued from poverty and sexual slavery, and empowered with sustainable employment!

    They ONLY contain an exclusive blend of essential oils (Vanilla, Lemongrass, Rose, Lilac, Lillies, Orange, Bergamot), corn kernels, and LOTS OF LOVE.

  4. Just want Dishwasher Cleaner?

    Just want Dishwasher Cleaner?

    Chemical “suds makers” and thickeners found in conventional dishwasher detergent build-up in your machine.

    Food & hard water stick to all the cracks and crevices, and get redeposited onto your dishes with each load you do.

    Your dishes never end up looking clean yet you are using more and more detergent, and your dishwasher is working harder and harder.

    Give your dishwasher a thorough cleaning with ZERO toxic chemicals.

    It’s like getting a brand new dishwasher!!

    Prevent food & soap scum from re-depositing on your dishes.

    You can use less detergent, run shorter cycles, and even extend the life of your dishwasher!

  5. Just want the Veggie Wash?

    Just want the Veggie Wash?

    Do You Know What's On Your Produce?

    Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Waxes and other toxic chemicals are coating your fruit and veggies!

    FYI. Your grocery store and the farmer don't have to tell you what chemicals are on your produce!

    This is why it is so important that you clean your fruit and veggies properly - even if you are buying organic produce.

    This unique formula is designed to dissolve thousands of kinds of chemicals and waxes.

    Remove 99% more Pesticides, Herbicides and Waxes from your fruits & veggies than just using water!

    You can literally SEE the gunk melting away from your beautiful fruits & veggies.

  6. Just want Laundry Machine Cleaners?

    Just want Laundry Machine Cleaners?

    Chemical “suds makers” and thickeners found in conventional laundry detergent build-up in your washing machine.

    These bacteria have even been linked to outbreaks of serious illnesses in hospitals

    They prevent your clothes from ever truly smelling clean and fresh, so you start using more and more laundry detergent!

    Not to mention your washing machine naturally holds humidity where mold can thrive.

    Laundry Machine Cleaner is an effortless, safe and all natural way to eliminate these built-up residue and lingering organic material (like fecal matter…gross!).

    It leaves your machine smelling fresh, sparkling clean, and free of funk.

    It is perfect when starting to use Truly Free non-toxic products for the first time, and just to keep your machine smelling fresh and working right.

  7. Just want surface shield?

    Just want surface shield?

    Most store-bought sanitizers contain toxic chemicals like bleach, QUATS, Ammonia and propanol to “chemically” kill germs. These chemicals have been linked to serious illnesses such as endocrine disruption, neurological dysfunction, and even blindness. Even the strongest store-bought disinfectants ONLY kill when wet...That's why you're constantly spraying them everywhere, leading to hundreds of repeated toxic chemical exposures for your family.

    🌸EPA Registered & Laboratory Tested

    🌸Safely Kills 99.9% of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses (Like Sars Cov-2) For 14 Days!

    🌸This is not your ordinary “hand-sanitizer” or surface disinfectant. Surface Shield is a dual purpose germ killer AND germ booby-trap, killing any bacteria that land on it like bugs on a bug zapper!

    🌸 Instead of a toxic “chemical kill”, Surface Shield’s revolutionary nanotechnology with silver ions coat and bond with germs for a “mechanical kill”.

    🌸 This means it's 100% non-toxic & Safe for your family.

    🌸 Spray and protect countertops, cutting boards, door handles, cell phones, and so much more for 2 weeks with complete peace of mind.

    🌸 You can also clean and wash surfaces and your Surface Shield will STILL keep working!

    🌸 keeps you safe from bacteria, viruses and mold, and saves your family from 1,000's of exposures to toxic chemicals

If you’re like me, your kids aren’t the best “bed makers” Beddy’s is a great solution!

they are a fitted sheet with the comforter zipped over the top. The bedding is placed over the mattress like a fitted sheet and the bedding zips (like a sleeping bag) to make your bed in the morning. When unzipped, there is a panel of fabric that folds over the side of the bed to extend the width of the blanket, if you choose. The twin sized Beddy comes with a pillow sham and a pillow case, fulls, queens and kings come with two of each! They are the highest quality, insanely comfortable and most of all the most convenient thing in the world. Now my 8 year old son can make his bed on his own! My 18 month old will soon be taught too! 🙈

They even have them for adults too!


Do you sleep with them zipped or unzipped?

Both! This totally depends on the person. My older kid LOVES to sleep mostly zipped like a sleeping bag. Some prefer it all the way unzipped. I like it zipped at the feet or unzipped. Rezipping to make the bed is super easy!

Are they good for adults?

Yes, yes, yes! They have a variety of “adult” styles and they are available in larger bed sizes for adults. We love the all white styles for our beds. We have the Love at First White in a King Size in our guest room and want to get another one for our master.

Do they work on bunk beds?

They are a MUST for bunk beds. Kids and moms alike can zip the beds easily!

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  1. Electrolyte Balance Magnesium Bicarbonate (PreMade or Powder)

    Electrolyte Balance Magnesium Bicarbonate (PreMade or Powder)

    Electrolyte Balance is predominantly Magnesium Bicarbonate and Silica, with traces of Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium Bicarbonate all blended together. This unique formula re-creates the same optimum circumstances nature uses to properly deliver Bicarbonate Salts and Silicic Acid, a bio-available form of Silica, to the human body.

    Magnesium & Calcium Bicarbonate are complex hydrated electrolyte salts that exist only in water under specific conditions. Powders and tablets are not in bicarbonate form, thus not bio-available.

    Silicic Acid is the fully hydrated and oxygenated tetrahedron form of silica that occurs naturally in water. For all mammals that drink fresh water, silicic acid is a dietary requirement. It also weighs in as the third most abundant mineral in the human body, making up a total of 1 gram. Silicic Acid is said to promote collagen production, improve joint, bone, hair and nails, protect skin from the negative effects of aging, preserve dental health, and stimulate digestion. Studies have shown regular consumption of water containing Silicic Acid can reduce aluminum uptake from the digestive tract slowing accumulation of this harmful metal in brain tissue.

    I use the Pre-Made bottles and you can either:

    🌸 Shake before every use.
    🌸 Consume straight
    🌸 or dilute 1-2 tsp solution with 16 oz chilled water. (This is what I do).

    *For Powder you must use with carbonated water like a SodaStream*

  2. Ultimate Dual KDF Shower Filter without Head (Chloramine Removal)

    Ultimate Dual KDF Shower Filter without Head (Chloramine Removal)

    In order for a shower filter to be effective it must contain KDF. The twin actions of the ULTIMATE DUAL KDF SHOWER FILTER will reduce chloramine, chlorine, fluoride, iron, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds, chemicals, lime, calcium, disinfectant by-products and more from harming your skin, your hair color or your health!
    In addition to chlorine, iron and heavy metals this shower filter also reduces odors, organic waste, trihalomethanes, bacteria, and common carcinogens such as carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, benzene and vinylidene chloride.

    Filter lasts 12 months.

  3. Hydro Guard Shower Filter

    Hydro Guard Shower Filter

    This is another great shower filter and one you should get if you can’t afford the other!

    The Hydro Guard™ Aqualux Dechlorinating Shower Filter doesn’t stop at basic chlorine reduction. Through its four stage process the Aqualux truly is able to offer you a luxurious shower experience. Softer and silky smooth skin and hair, longer lasting hair color, less dry, itchy, flaky skin and scalp are but some of the benefits of a Hydro Guard™ Aqualux Shower Filter.

*Not an affiliate* but this link will get you 20% off!

One of my top picks for colds/sore throats!

Plus, this company is dedicated to sustainable bee-keeping practices and are part of the mission to save the bees.

While it is extremely hard to guarantee “organic honey” because bees can travel up to 5 miles in any direction from their hive, Beekeepers Naturals does perform 3rd party testing to ensure their hives are pesticide-free.

Honey is a powerful cough suppressant and paired with bee propolis you have a great immune supporting ingredient.

Beekeeper’s Naturals couldn’t come at a better time, when people are attempting to boost their immune systems.

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