Road trip on a budget

I’m sure you have all caught on by now that traveling has become a huge part of me. It’s a relationship that I nurture every single day seeing as though you never know where it’s going to take you. I try to stay open, unbothered, and aware of everything and what the next moment shall bring, especially on the road. You can always pick a route, but that doesn’t mean it will always lead to where you originally planned. Road trips and entail spontaneity; plenty of bathroom breaks, and sightseeing that you may not of known existed. The best part is you are somewhat in control and can decide what you were willing to spend, how long do you want to go for, and what is worth stopping for. In all that I’ve learned over the years, budgeting is very important to me so that I never live beyond my means! Of course like anything else there are things that will come up that you don’t expect, expenses that you may not have known of, but I’m here to help you those worries. I have laid out what has worked for my trips so you can follow along and do the exact same! 

Where can you stay?

The first and essential resource is finding out if you have any friends or relatives that live where you might be passing through. Reuniting while also saving some money can be the best of both worlds. Sharing your journey with others can also bring some insight and memories that last forever. When that plan seems too far-fetched there are apps I can help you meet others that will allow you to stay with them. For example:

• Couch surfing- where people can open up their homes and allow you to stay with them for free.
• Homestay- An app similar to Airbnb but a cheaper option that you can take advantage of.
• tripping- it’s a way to view every app and see what your best option is financially.

What incentives can you look for in your stay?

Finding places to stay that offer some kind of incentive or activity or food that can count as part of your stay as a bonus! So you aren’t paying more than you have to and everything else. The idea is to splurge on what really adds to your experience and less of what snack on every day.

Your means of transport

Using your own car or borrowing someone’s that you know that is great on gas will be your saving grace! Obviously we can’t all be that lucky or depend on someone else all the time, but using what you have available is key. Having a means of transportation that can also serve as a bed or place to rest so you can knock two things out at once as ideal. I’ve done this plenty of times to know that if you plan right you can really save some money! If you do end up renting a car make sure you talk to the person helping you about fuel efficient options to help you go the distance. For example, the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, or the Kia Optima are great option since they are usually always available. I also would recommend overlooking your route to see what gas prices are currently going for. This way you know to prepare!