Please take a moment to read this letter.

First of all the author want to pay his gratitude to God Almighty who always bless His grace to both of the author and the one whos reading with a good health, by His blessing the author meant to write this to deliver some words to the reader, and wishing his health and happiness.

Maybe this letter is nothing but the author wrote it with a sincere feeling and a little confusion since the author has never felt anything like this before.


Thursday, July 1, 2021.
Today is exactly one month you agreed to spend your time and share your love with me.

It feels like time is running so fast that we've already reached this point. What is it like to spend your time and share your love with me for a month? I wish you enjoy it as much as I do, dear. CIEKH.

I never regretted starting this. I'm so grateful of you for guiding me and trying to understand my situation.


So, my purpose to write this letter is to commemorate our 1st monthsary. hip hip hooray. Happy 1st monthsary, Kalelle jelek. I love you so much. Thank you for always understanding me, for giving all your attention to me, for giving all your good things to me, for taking your time to talk about many things with me, and thank you again for giving me the opportunity to share attention, emotions, and be the person who waits for you to take a nap.

You know what? I've always admired your weaknesses, I've always loved your flaws, and your imperfections, I think it's beautiful. Even though you're not perfect, you're my best partner. Please keep this in your mind.

I'm not perfect either. I'd like to apologize if I'm clingy, maybe selfish too, and sometimes I act like a child. I'm sorry about that. But here I want to give the best love to you. Maybe there are times when my way of conveying is wrong. So I'm sorry one more time. So, do you still want to spend your time and share your love with me? Press 1 for yes.


Looks like this letter is about to end. I wish you would like it. Thank you for taking your time, I hope we can see another 1st. Goodbye.