About me🌿

Fiercely Feminine #bossbabes

Hi lovelies!
My names Florencia, an 18 year old student, that works two jobs on a daily basis and always strive to do the best I can to attend education ♥️

A little bit about me, I'm a big family person and always put others before myself. I'm always there to make new friends and take the opportunity to make everyone feel confident about themselves! I work hard and always have new goals set for myself that seem impossible to accomplish but always pull through on the best ends of my life.

As a new market partner, I was given a new opportunity to expand on my passion and integrity to introduce products that do amazing things to people, building confidence and healthy hair+ skin.

With MONAT, they are a Vegan, cruelty-free, dermatologist tested, and ideal for every type of hair+skin 🌿 The community itself is filled with positive and inspiring women who work so hard to build their business with such hardship in their team, and I hope to support them with your help🌼

Since I have your attention, I would love to chat about giving you what your hair + skin needs –become a VIP– and explaining a business opportunity that will change your life!

            Spread your wings angels 👼