I like my people like I like my products :

Non toxic.

Hi lovely!

I’m so happy you’re here!

My name is Liz, and I’m a mama to my to my little dude, Arthur Westley and embarrassingly laughing my way through life with my highschool sweetheart, Davonte.

Born and raised in the PNW, the coast is my absolute favorite place to get away. And I have a tragic obsession with true crime, astrology, alllllll the food, and coffee!

I started Monat while I was still managing for another company, only doing it part time until I saw the potential VERY QUICKLY after starting. I soon fell in love, and was walking away from my job to work FULL TIME from home only 4 months after starting this business.

I was tired of being a witness to all of the incredible things this business has to offer.

Having worked in the beauty industry for almost a decade, my passion lies within making others feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and transformed!

Suffering from PPD/PPA my hair loss and thinning took a huge toll on my confidence and I was ready for a change.

The benefits of using vegan, all natural, anti-aging, gluten free, toxic free (I could go on) products is priceless.

Whether I wear it in a messy bun from the gym or day 3 curls from date night - it always feels healthy, moisturized, CLEAN and strong.

Most people have no idea that the drugstore products in your shower right now are 60% water and depositing toxic chemicals into you, and those you love, bodies.

This matters. Your skin matters. Your hair and scalp matter. YOU MATTER!

I got you, your hubby, your baby, your fur baby, your mom, your therapist.... I GOT YOU. Because everything is personalized to what YOU need.

This is a sisterhood.

We collaborate, sip wine, and work in our pajamas! All while enjoying our life on OUR terms.

So, tell me - when will you be tired of being a witness too? xo