hello, there! this is Faba speaking

welcome to my personal journal of writing and art stuffs!

you know that kind of girl who likes to involve herself in art performances? i mean, any kind of art performances – from dancing, acting, and singing? (yea, it sounds so artistic) (i actually can’t sing) 😎 but… that’s the way i am and i’m not lying when i said… i found the joy when i follow the music and just let my body move accordingly 💃🏽

not only from art performances, you can also ~witness~ my interests, thoughts, or ideas through my writings. i write on paper, i write on my tumblr, i write on my iPhone notes (who doesn’t?), i used to write for one of Indonesian well-known online news ❤️, i used to write for my college annual bulletin, and i used to write… a love letter *sigh*

you want to watch my art performances? you want to read my writings? you want to know my favorite milkshake? (it’s strawberry 🍓) – you better enjoy my milkshake website! 🙌

oh, she writes? 😯

oh, yes, she used to be an (amateur) journalist 😛✌️

you know that feeling when you wrote something you like, you really put your heart and energy into it, and you were so satisfied? ❤️ i think that’s what i felt when i wrote these articles ☺️ thank you kumparan for the amazing opportunity 🤝

first entry

as an intern, i was assigned to write my first article on my very own kumparan channel (you can visit the link attached on the next page). i wrote about romance movies, but not just some ordinary romance movies ❤️

article number one

you will read my take on I am Okay. make sure you follow I am Okay’s social media after you read my article 😉👌 and make sure that you know that it’s OKAY not to be okay

article number two

woman empowerment? what is it all about? to be pretty? to be smart? to be pretty and smart? or simply, to be everything you want? to choose your own way to live your life? yes, queen, that sounds so powerful 👸

article number three

have you ever heard about humans of new york? take a look at this Universitas Indonesia version of humans of new york 😎 let’s celebrate people! 🥂

article number four

let’s save the future by reducing unnecessary waste and by educating people around us about the importance of environmental sustainability 🤓 that’s what this bunch of awesome people aim to do! 🌿

article number five

coming first time from Bali island, please welcome… a superhero with superpower who will save our planet 🌎