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Make the most of your money and your time by creating a capsule wardrobe. The purpose of this versatile closet is all about convenience and quality.

Imagine getting ready in the morning and you have countless options that perfectly coordinate. All of your pieces fit well and are high quality, but better yet, you save so much time.

Start with a base color: black, brown, or navy and build from there. Focus on neutral colors and minimal prints and add in one or two fun (colorful or patterned) pieces each season.


Do you ever go to work with the intention of getting your workout in after you get home for the day? How often does that actually happen?

There’s a thing called the priority principle, it says that you should do the most important thing first, because you have the most energy to do it right away.

Making yourself and your fitness a priority will only help you in the long run. It is more effective than a PSL for waking you up for the day, and it will help you make sure that your capsule wardrobe is always fitting just right.


Have you ever thought about what would happen to you if you couldn’t work or pay your bills. What would happen if you hurt your back and didn’t get a check for 6 months. Spooky right?

Income insurance is actually a thing, except us planners call it disability insurance. What is it? Well it’s a pot that you pay into on a regular basis that makes sure that if you get hurt, you will continue to get paid.

We insure our cars, houses, even pets, why not make sure that we can always take care of the things we love so much?