Hair & Skin Consultant

About me

My name is Faith! I’m 21 years old and I’m from Long Island, NY.

I’m a licensed cosmetologist and I have a passion for hair! I’ve always loved how people have used their hair as an expression of themselves! Hair has enough power to make you feel like a new person sometimes, and can give you the confidence you need to take on the day!

Being able to give people that confidence back with even something as simple as a haircut has always been so rewarding to me! As much as this is my passion, I’ve always struggled working in salons. I never felt like I belonged there. Soon I realized that I never really had the creative freedom I was looking for, and that I probably wouldn’t find it unless I become my own boss.

Now I can finally say that I have that opportunity! Not only have I started my own business by being a traveling hairdresser but I’ve also been approached with another amazing opportunity! I’m now able to sell the most AMAZING hair and skin products on the market right now!

I’m now my own boss and able to have the creative freedom that I want and I do it all from home! All from my phone!

By starting this business I’m able to provide my VIP clients with amazing deals, have extra pocket change, get sent on free trips, and have an amazing support system behind me!

Now I want to share this amazing opportunity with you! Do you want financial freedom? Want to work from home? Work on your own time?
Join my amazingly talented team of likeminded hustlers and see what dreams you can make into a reality!