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Icylooksbychae here giving you a splash of authentic and uniqueness! I Help Women who Lack Confidence to Breakthrough Societal Standards and Embody their Natural Beauty and Talent! Who wants to Learn how to be a Natural BOSS!

What’s up my lovely icy babes! My name is LaChae McColor, but you can call me Chaé!

I am a Non-Toxic, Vegan, natural based, and animal cruelty free Biz owner/ Boss Babe. I am originally from Hawaii but now I am reside in Cali. 🤟🏽🤟🏽 BAY|LA.

I am also a Forex trader, soon to be lash technician, a basketball player and leasing consultant in real estate!

I grew up seeing my parents work so hard everyday just to make ends meet. In Hawaii you had to make a lot of money in order to live over there. On paper it may have said we made a lot, but in reality after everything was paid off, there was slim to none left.

There were always obstacles that set me and my family back in life, family related issues, deaths and more. Learning that time waits for no one, things happen for a reason, nothing is a coincidence, and do you want to keep living like this, how money can either help you or create problems and tear a family apart.

I’ve been through depression, I’ve been bullied, I’ve been mentally abused and through some toxic things throughout my life.

I’ve been a person where I was always worrying about the what if, doubting my intuition and capabilities, always being pessimistic and honestly having a resting BF. Things were spiraling downwards but I never quitted. When my grandma passed away who literally taught me how to be a Proud African American, how to stand up for myself, speak up for myself and be a go getter, independent and know what’s right from wrong; I made sure to change my life around!

Of course I was always determined to become successful so I can take care of not only
Me but my family, but this just fired me up even more!

Becoming more in tune with myself, not settling for less anymore and knowing what my worth is and not letting anybody treat me like I wasn’t anything anymore, I made a promise to myself to share my light with others, not dim it for anybody, knowing that I had a purpose in this life and being able to help other people empower others, spread love and joy and so much more!

My voice needed to be heard!

So besides my love for basketball and hopefully going overseas, I realized that I needed multiple streams of income to gain financial freedom, I realized that time is important so I needed to work smarter not harder. I became BIZ OWNER FOR MY CRUELTY FREE VEGAN BIZ, helping Men and Women solve their problems with their hair/skin that they never thought would be possible.

Problems such as Postpartum hair loss, dandruff that medicated shampoo couldn’t even cure or cleared up, to frizz ! All bye bye! To growing my hair that I even thought was impossible because even I before I found this gave up on trying to grow it out.

This motivates me because I not only benefit from these products, but I’m able to give people back their confidence with these products, being able to work from wherever, whenever from WiFi, being able to have an opportunity to give this to other people to help them run their own business and be surrounded by a community of like minded individuals who are bad asses in what they do.

Motivating you daily to set daily goals to achieve and taking steps towards your main goal.

To being able to do Forex and trade from my phone and being able to make money from wherever and connect with boss mentality people.

Your 9-5 is the real pyramid scheme and I am trying to help anybody who wants a better situation, a different one to work towards not working a 9-5 anymore.

You are never going to be “READY” so don’t think bout it, just join. The worst risk you can take is not taking any risks at all.

Creating generational wealth for everybody!
Connecting People and empowering each other! It’s time to turn things around!

This is for YOU!

Financial freedom, residual income, mentor ship like no other, coaching, motivation, support and sisterhood is what I offer!

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- Lastly, the best reason to join us to be surrounded by a community from all walks of life’s bad ass boss babes who said YES!
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