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Little sillies fairies made out of polymer clay these are nightlights and globes with lights button battery operated located
underneath the lid or underneath the globe.

These are never identical not from a factory these are handmade in Lanarkshire Scotland each one takes 4 days from start to finish for each little sillies. Each one is unique with a unique personality and style.

You can change the hair, clothing, backgrounds etc but you can't change the little sillies faces.

1:- choose your little sillies
2:- choose if you want either a globe or night light
3:- let us know what colours or ideas you have
4:- make sure you order in time for a birthday etc as we can guarantee it will be delivered before that date so order in advance
5:- let us know when you require your item for
6:- send us a message with your name, contact number, email address, home address for delivery
7:- Once your happy with how your item is looking we will send payment details to you so you can make the payment
8:- once you have your order and are satisfied with everything we as if possible to leave us a review on our fb page

Our best sellers and recommendations

Your top recommendations for your followers

These are a few of our best sellers and top recommendations that you'd might like or want to add why not make up a small collection of little sillies and start a trend of little sillies

Recommendation #1 buzzy bee

Buzzy bee is a delicate little bee that will be surrounded by flowers or a hive you can choose how you want the background and either in a globe or nightlight

Recommendation #2 NHS nurse 2020

As we all know we haven't had the best start to 2020 with the corona virus outbreak and our NHS nurses and Dr's on duty at the front line what a great way to show your appreciation to the NHS staff

Recommendation #3 nightingale

Florence nightingale nurse one of the the most proflic nurses of the century, she was on the front line looking after our war hero's that was badly injured she helped in the hospitals

Recommendation #4 bubblegum

Bubblegum blast is a cute little sillies in a cute little pink dress what little girl wouldn't love this cute one we all know many girly girls love the colour pink what a great birthday present

Recommendation #5 Rainbow splash

This characterful little sillie is full of colour what more could you ask for on a rainy day when you need cheering up. Have a little splash of colour in your life, the hair colour and dress showcases of the little sillie. Well I know this will cheer many people up that are going through either a tough time, recovering from surgery or just need that pick me up

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