The beginning of a whole new world

Faith Nelson

Hey friends, I'm just your average young girl in my early 20s who has been looking for a cleaner lifestyle since I was probably 18 or 19. I started looking around me and thinking about how many things I use in my life that are bad. I never realized how bad they were I just knew I didn't want them in my life. I was always thinking about my future family and how I didn't want my kids to come into this world exposed to all things bad.

What made me start thinking about this was when I worked in a preschool. I learned so many thing there. I had one kid who would cough so bad everytime we used this one specific cleaner. Let me tell you we stopped using that cleaner as soon as we realized it. I was exposed to so many different cleaning products that always made me feel yucky and my hands feel dry all the time. That's when I realized things had to change.

After I left the preschool I stopped using my oils as often, but I was still longing for that healthy life style for me and my future family. Then one day after I've been following an oily account for about a month I realized that this was it. This was the way to a healthy life style. I started following anyone and everyone who just inspired me to long for something I didn't have yet. A great deal came along and I signed up. I made the decision to use all things plant/ oil based and I will never turn back. The world maybe changing around me but I for sure know my oils lifestyle will not.

Young Living has become my life and I want it to become yours too. There's literally nothing better then knowing how everything is made and what's in it.