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Hi ! My names Falisha, and I am a consultant for a company called Beautycounter! Haven’t heard of us? Well, let me tell you a little about our company! We are the leaders in clean skincare & beauty and we’re on a mission to change the face of the cosmetic industry for the better! Our mission is to get safer beauty into the hands of everyone!

Did you know that Canada only bans about 300 questionable ingredients from their cosmetics and skincare products? Let me also tell you that the EU Bans around 1400... we are FAR behind! But, I have good news! It’s with pride that I tell you that Beautycounter bans 1500+ questionable ingredients from our products! Check out our Never List to see which ingredients we ban!


My Holy Grail Products

Since I was young, I’ve struggled with acne. At first it was just regular teenage acne, but that turned into painful hormonal cysts. The type that make you want to curl up in a ball and skip the rest of the school year! Dramatic? Yes, but that’s really how I felt all the way through high school.

It finally got a little bit better when I started birth control at 17, but I still got those painful cysts every month, all through college. 10 years on birth control and nothing really changed, until I started using Beautycounter products! I finally feel confident in my skin!

Because of this, I decided to join the mission to get safer products out there, and to help other people with their skin !

You guys NEED to try these products, you will fall in love, just like I did!

Keep reading to find out more about my all time FAV products!

Overnight Resurfacing Peel

This product is magic in a bottle!

The reason I joined Beautycounter as a consultant was because of this product right here!

• Removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter more even skin
• Safer alternative to a Chemical Peel
• Fades scars & dark spots
• calms breakouts overnight

This peel doesn’t actually “Peel” the skin, it is a much more gentle alternative! Think of it more so as a serum, you put it on after you cleanse, let it soak in, and pop a face lotion on top! I recommend our Countermatch Sleep cream of you have normal or acne prone skin!

I’m telling ya, this Peel is the bomb! You have to try it!

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#1 Brightening + Vitamin C facial oil

This oil, Oooooou let me tell you , this is the BEST facial oil that has ever touched my skin! It makes me look bright, dewy, & so healthy! Not only that, it smells like a freaking field of oranges!


• Brightens skin complexion
• Fades scars and dark marks
• hydrates skin without clogging pores

This oil is honestly so good! It’s been a staple in my routine for 8 months! Try it and see how lavish it is for yourself!

Shop this product here!

Flawless in Five

Something I never thought I would do, is switch my make up to safer! I didn’t think Beautycounter’s make you could actually be THAT good. But boy was I wrong! The first time I tried Tint skin foundation I was shocked! My skin has never looked so healthy and glowy with foundation on! It was such a game changer! It was just a ripple effect from there! From the foundation to the mascara is was ALL amazing!

Generic make up is full of ingredients that aren’t safe for your body. Like for instance, Carbon black which is found in most mainstream mascaras! It’s a carcinogen, meaning it’s cancer causing! You really shouldn’t be putting something like that on your eyes!

We have 6 make up items suited to your skin tone for $180 Canadian!

• Tint skin/ Dew Skin
• Touch up concealer Pen
• Satin powder blush
• Volumizing mascara / lengthening mascara
• Eye brow pencil/ Eyebrow mascara
• Lip gloss

Six products for $180!

You HAVE to try these products you guys!

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