Sharing what I love with the world.

Hi guys, this is me! I am a 31 year old dog mom married to my soulmate. I grew up in Encinitas, a small beach town located in San Diego, CA. My life has been anything but ordinary. My closest friends have always been considered my family. In January of 2008, I moved to Scottsdale, AZ.

For the past 14 years the restaurant industry has always been my life. Working ten hour days, six days a week was my normal. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit my job was put on hold. I did not know where my next dollar would be coming from. Fortunately, during this time I also experienced many blessings, the most important was being able to stay home with my family. I took this time to meditate and manifest on what I really wanted out life, because I knew I wasn’t truly living.

I was tired, unmotivated and cranky. I had been this way for so long I don’t think I was ever able to really find myself. All of a sudden, God and the universe sent me a gift! Modern Nature. I started seeing this all natural anti aging, vegan and cruelty free beauty industry EVERYWHERE. Then it hit me. I DESERVE to live the life I truly want. I DESERVE to have financial freedom. I DESERVE to be a stay at home mom. I DESERVE to have a sisterhood, a family. If these girls can, why can’t I?! So, I turned my pain into power and my passion into my paycheck and never looked back.