Tell the world what you’re made of

Hi my name is Kamar and I want to say something to everybody it doesn't matter if your famous but for all you small businesses out there this is shout out to get your business booming so we can make the world happier and all you you guys who don't think you could do it get famous or anything you guys can you just have to try I'm not saying I'm famous I only have nine subscribers on YouTube but that's not the thing I care about people zhc and Mr beast they give away money too but they're like thousands they have thousands of dollars to give away to people and that's not the thing me and my mom were hoping we could get money from them but they don't send money they only give it to their friends this is not the thing all you small businesses cuz get money turn like them you guys just have to try give it a shot and this is not a message for me to get money this message for you guys my grandma always used to say this work hard and you will unlock achievements in your life you could buy a mansion you can raise a kid all that but you guys just have to work hard just do videos do whatever make your business don't care what any bully says if you're still 10 and you want to make a business for your family don't care just do it anyways cuz they use it as a direction so you can't be like famous they get inside your head just trust me guys do it for the sake of your parents 👨‍👩‍👧🥳🎮🎮🥺