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For the fanpages that have ran out, here are some question ideas! If you scroll down a bit, a variety of questions will come your way :) don't believe me? Click the link with a tap of your finger and find out! 💘🍉🏝☀️

Viral questions ! 💙

- double tap the egg to hatch it! 💍
- in or out game! 🫐
- would you rather be small and fast of tall but slow? 💎
- who has the rarest name in your family? 🦋
- one has to go. Insta of snap? 🐠
- do you use 24fps for your colouring? 🐬
- do you think ultralight should be on the playstore? 🐳
- are you sad when you have no % on your device? 🦕
- do you have a fake or real Christmas tree when it's Christmas time? 🐟
- imagine holding a baby for 9 months just to name it __________! 🐋
- we dont need 12 zodiacs! Who are we kicking? 🧢
- whats your favourite fruit? 💙
- are you okay with swapping your likes with your followers? 🔹
- you get your 4th emoji as a necklace charm! Do you like it or not? 🛋
- are all your siblings over 10? 🥶
- can you roll your tounge into a clover shape?🥏
- do you have any blue socks at all? 🈳
- what is your go-to meal when your feeling peckish? 🧞‍♂️
- how do you pronounce 'Lmao' in your head? 🥣
- quick! Reply to the pinned comment so i can like your recent!😰
- sweets or candy? 🪣
- act like kindergarteners in the comments! 👕
- tag your fp idol to make their day! 🌀

Medium Questions! 💘

- help your team win! 🛍
- are you born in the first 3 months? 🌺
- what kind of 'ok' is your least fav? 🌷
- mascara or no mascara? 🐷
- do you wash your hands or sanatise at school? 🎀
- are you going into February single of taken? 💄
- do you spray deodorant on ypu before going out? 🌸
- do you do chores for money? 👙
- do you have any pink clothing? 👚
- do you prefer to swim of tan at the beach? 👛
- can you fav animal be found at a zoo? 🦩
- if you had to pick one, would you dance or do ballet? 🩰
- can you whistle? 💞
- do you know someone who has bin in the newspaper? 🍬

Tips! 🌻

- sometimes use 7 second vids!
- use short sounds!
- use trendy hashtags like 'xbyzca' 'actives' 'views' 'viral' 'goviral' or 'trend'!
- use long sentences to get your viewers more intrested and curious!
- be kind and use emojis to match your colouring!