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This website will help you with all information what you need about anime. How you know I am from TikTok @ani5e

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Tik Tok acc’s

Understand your anime genre

Tik Tok is a popular sozial Media Plattform, so there are the most of edits with anime (and more stuff), I found some acc’s for you that you can watch and chose your genre of anime/manga.

For example I found my anime/manga genre after I watched “fruits basket” and “demon slayer”, now I am watching “my hero academia” ( date: 06.01.22-15.01.22 ), and my genre is “action” or something with super power, sad seasons, happy seasons etc.

Everyone is different so not everyone likes “my hero academia” and actually I don’t understand why, only because there are hero’s? Idk but it is okey if you don’t like it.

1st Tik Tok acc

She is a pro in anime stuff, her videos are always about anime or manga, she is not doing edits like me or someone else but her content is good.

She is my cousin but sometimes I don’t think that she is my cousin, be carful if you write a ship that she doesn’t like then she can attack you 😅 ( joking, but sometimes I think that she is doing that with me 😂)

2nd Tik Tok acc

This acc has a lot of opinion, or a lot of favourite things, there are some vids that are not anime but only a few of them all. There are definitely demon slayer, Naruto, Boruto and more…

There is nothing saying about is it a she or a he, but anyways the content is also good, this content and from the 1st Tik Tok acc is different but they are good in different ways, but only you decide what you like.

3rd Tik Tok acc

I really love the acc but how I said at the beginning of the page not everyone likes “my hero academia” but she has not only my hero academia, some edits are with other animes.

She has more then 6 playlists on her acc, when you go on the “👺KNY👺” then there is demon slayer. When you go to the “🍀black clover🍀” then is there an new anime, so just check the acc.

4th Tik Tok acc

This Girl is 17 years old and has one of my favourite contents. She has the animes that I love, again there is: demon slayer, haikyu, Naruto etc.

Every fandoms is soo different, and if they all have the same anime or content they are anyways different.

A small tip for you is: that if you don’t like a ship or something else don’t say it like “omg that is sooo cringe🤮🤮” better is when you say it like: “I am sorry but I am not supporting the ship🥺”, it is just an example but you have to use the emoji “🥺”.

Correct notes

Use ur phone notes app, or install a notes app

Do always notes about: what anime you need to watch, or what anime you already watched. Write there your fav ships or hate ships. Basically stuff like that. I started my notes with what anime I should watch.

For my Tik Tok I am using the app: videostar to edit, and how you know videostar is only an iPhone app, so I am using the normal “notes” that is already installed but, if you have a android you can also install the iPhone “notes app” you just need to search for that in Google Play.

If you watch at the picture then you can see that the anime “my hero academia” is with a yellow circle, but other animes is not, that means that I am done with the anime and can start to watch an other one.

Do something like me and then I hope you will know everything that you need to know. Really I have still problems with the anime characters names, idk why but I have. Again, I am writing the names in my notes app and when I need to know the name I am watching there.

Down below I will put the link to install the notes app on android⬇️