The Farmasi Opportunity

Makeup and much more

Farmasi is revolutionizing the way traditional small businesses are run. With industry leading compensation, cash and auto bonuses, vacations, and SO much more!

We are a household name with more than luxurious affordable makeup. From top quality skincare, hair care, false lashes, mens care, baby care, foot and nail care, to eco friendly cleaning supplies Farmasi has something for everyone in your family.

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Compensation Plan

How you get paid

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Most Popular Kits

The Beauty Kit

Everything you need to pull off a flawless makeup look! The perfect mix of products to start your new business.

*contents subject to change by availability.

Clear and Bright Skin

This collection has the perfect variety of skincare for dry, sensitive or acne prone skin.

Aloe and rose are wonderful for soothing dry skin and providing hydration.

Tea tree is at the top for oily or acne prone skin.

*contents subject to change by availability.

Detox and Healing

This collection includes charcoal and calendula skincare, vitalizing hair care line, and our wildly popular paprika balsms.

*contents subject to change based on availability.

The Wave Makers Tribe

The WaveMakers tribe has the industry’s top leaders. We have built a group of women and men who truly care about one another like family.

Here we choose collaboration over competition.

We choose love and leadership.

We choose guidance and support.

We invest in our tribe with proven simple systems to ensure that you can succeed here.

Go ahead friend. Pull up a chair.

There's a seat here for you.

Become the most beautiful version of YOU!

Are you ready?

Farmasi has changed the lives of over 4 million Beauty Influencers around the world, and we are JUST getting started here in the US!!

Canada and Mexico opening later in 2021!!

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