Farming Wellness

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Karli White.
I own and operate Tangled Dream Farm with my mom, Andrea White. We are based in beautiful Ontario, Canada.

We promote the Canadian horse breed, also know as the little Iron Horse. Starting our herd slowly. Additionally we’ve dipped our toe into do custom hay work, small boarding, and training.

I discovered years ago that as we grew in our farming, it was going to be a tough go. Farming has demands normal day jobs, don’t.
Passion and drive was powering me, working on my farm and full time on a big horse farm.
I was living the “dream”.

Quickly burnt out over the demands running my own farm and managing my stable jobs too. Taking care of everyone but myself became normal.. a normal I would accept for years because I was supposed to be able todo it all!

I had no time for me, my basics were slipping.
I was becoming scared of life.
It’s wasn’t healthy how I lived, tried to hide and it caused me shame.

I was exhausted but kept pushing. Waking up sucked. Work was draining.
Snooze, my best friend.
Quick snacks and missed meals. No laundry done.. And repeat!

The never wanting to live my life became everything because I was so focused on this weird thought everyone else’s life looked more livable than well, mine. I never had time do to more than work, and sleep.. it wasn’t living!
And where did those three years just go?
That was something I thought way to often!

Fortunately I rediscovered an American based wellness company that was looking for home-based business partners to help expand their base of customers.

This has given me opportunity to step back from having to be full time off my property, operate our horse business in a way we like, and have room keep adding experience to our farming. Which is helping so much with less concerns about time and money.
The bonus was getting my life back and feeling better than I have in years!

So I’m on a mission to share my experiences with other farmers, pet owners or family’s from any walk of life!