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I’m Presleigh, I am 19 years old, a sophomore in college, and I am so excited to share my love for fashion with you! Welcome to Fashionably on Time, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer as I share with you some of my own style, traveling, and picture taking tips all relating to fashion; perhaps Fashionably on Time will ignite your own passions as well!

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How to look polished when you don’t feel like getting dressed

Since I attend school online, I often find myself lacking motivation to get dressed whenever I have to get up and leave the house after being in an oversized t-shirt and shorts all day. This has led me to start getting creative with how I can put a sophisticated spin on my tees, leggings and loungewear. The following tips are what I do to attain a polished look while staying comfy and casual (minimal effort required!)

Add jewelry

Never underestimate what a few pieces of jewelry can do to add elegance to a very casual outfit. Even if I’m just wearing a tee and sweats, I instantly feel more put together if I’m wearing some jewelry.

Wear white

When I tell you I just rolled out of bed when I slipped this white button up on I am not kidding. I have noticed myself starting to wear white more often and honestly it’s because it just looks cleaner and hides the fact that you’ve been lounging around all day

Slip on some shades or a flannel… or both

This picture was taken after walking the golf course for 5 days in a row and if you’ve ever walked a golf course you know that I did not wanna get out of bed the next day. Luckily my diff glasses and flannel that I literally take everywhere kept me looking chic for a brunch in San Antonio!

The importance of:

Rings, lipstick, and necklaces

The sky will be green before you spot me leaving the house without at least one of these fashion pieces on me. I personally think that these three elements are essential in creating a classy and chic look!


Rings are definitely at the top of my list when it comes to accessorizing. The shining details that it holds are the perfect accent for plain color outfits, and there unlimited ways to wear them… I mean we have ten fingers for a reason.


There’s an endless selection of lipstick colors to choose from, and the color that you choose is a necessity to help you better achieve your preferred look.


The thing that I love about necklaces is that you can wear a dainty one to be chic or stack them with chunky chains to complete a bold look!

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