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Fatal Romance

— ✶ The moonlight gives the graces, amenities, and fondness with the delightedly way in the amatory realm. “The bona-fide quintessence of an ephemeral amore: fairy tale of the Fatal Romance”

What you need to know before using our service.

Terms and conditions

1. Every single customer is required to subscribe our Telegram channel and follow our Twitter account to keep yourself updated about our talent’s availability.
2. Before you’re deciding to make a call for our talent, please read our agency and talent’s profile PRECISELY in order to avoid any type of misconceptions during the rent time.
3. The payment should be done before the rent time has started. Meaning that you have to pay first, and our payment is available for any type of E-wallet.
4. Asking for refund or cancellation is strictly prohibited. Unless you have an evidence of your unsatisfactory after you’ve spent your days with our talent.
5. Fatal Romance Agency and our talent have the rights upon themselves. In example: refusing inappropriate requests that may harm themselves, denying any type of things that’s against our regulations & boundaries, and defending themselves from any impolite behavior from the client.
6. Please treat our talent respectfully. Any type of unsatisfactory will be under our agency’s responsibility and we will take our part in making the relationship in between our agency & our clients better.
7. Any reported impolite or rude behavior from customer will make your name fully written on our blacklist. It is strictly prohibited to mistreat our agency and our talent.

syarat dan ketentuan

1. Seluruh customer diwajibkan untuk bergabung dengan channel Telegram dan mengikuti akun Twitter kami agar segala informasi tentang ketersediaan para talent dapat tersebar dengan baik.
2. Sebelum anda memutuskan untuk menyewa talent kami, mohon perhatikan tentang profil para talent dengan TELITI demi menghindari segala kesalahpahaman yang terjadi di saat durasi penyewaan.
3. Pembayaran harus dilaksanakan sebelum masa penyewaan. Metode pembayaran kami dapat dilakukan dengan seluruh mitra pembayaran elektronik (E-wallet).
4. Permintaan mengenai pengembalian dana tidak akan kami toleransi, kecuali klien memiliki bukti atas ketidakpuasannya setelah durasi penyewaan berakhir.
5. Fatal Romance Agency dan talent kami memiliki hak atas diri kami sendiri. Contoh: menolak permintaan yang tidak sesuai dengan regulasi kami, dan membela dirinya sendiri atas tindakan semena-mena dari klien.
6. Setiap klien diharapkan untuk memperlakukan talent kami dengan sopan. Segala ketidakpuasan yang terjadi oleh klien menjadi tanggung jawab agency dan kamu akan berusaha untuk membangun hubungan baik antara klien dan agency kami.
7. Segala tindakan yang merugikan talent dan agensi kami, serta perilaku yang tidak sopan dan menimbulkan kerugian akan memberikan dampak bagi para pelaku, dengan sanksi: terdaftar pada blacklist.



❦ Rp. 7.000 / day
❦ Rp. 21.000 / 3 days
❦ Rp. 35.000 / week (5 days)


✦ Basic/Semi/Literate Imagine
✧ SFW — 4.000 / day
✧ NSFW — 7.000 / day
✧ Both — 10.000 / day

✦ Movie Date
✧ Premium App — 5.000 / movie
✧ Non-Premium App — 2.000 / hour

✦ Game Date
✧ Price — 5.000 / game (5 minutes - 1 hour)
✧ Open Mic — (+2.000) / game
✧ Additional Hours — (+3.000) / game

✦ Personalized Service
✧ Personalized Bio — 1.000 (VIP)
✧ Desired Muse / Ava — 1.000
✧ Change Name — 1.000
✧ In Character — 5.000
✧ Midnight Talk — 3.000 / day
✧ Spotify Session — 3.000 / hour
✧ Voice Notes — 4.000 / 5 minutes
✧ Free Call (OTP) — 5.000 / 30 minutes
✧ Playing Instrument — 5.000 / song

✦ Special Treatment
✧ Published Relationship — 7.000 (VIP)
✧ Special Gift
- Special Spotify playlist : 8.000
- A sincere love letter : 10.000
- Personalized channel : 15.000


❦. The written price is fixed, not flexible at any circumstances unless we are doing a special promotion.
❦. Once you are adding your Special Treatments into the bills, you have to pay for it and there is no refund/cancellation.
❦. For the Premium Movie Date, we are using Netflix and Viu (there is some talents who are not available for this).
❦. For the Non-Premium Movie Date, we are using Share Screen feature through Discord, Caracal, and Rave. It must be prepared & discussed from H-1.
❦. YouTube date through Rave does count as a Non-Premium movie date.
❦. For Personalized channel in Special Gift, it's a channel which will be creates sincerely by the talent. Including Spotify Playlist + Sincerely love letter.

☎️ : Any reported unsatisfactory will be discussed among both parties: the customer & the agency.




୧ ᎒ VIP system is a package that agency made to recommending you for chooses any kind of relationship that you want to. The system is (1:2), our talent will accept only 2 customers until the day where the date of rent is end.


🦢 Persephone (11.000 / day)
This is when you want to be loved and receive an affection by a lover, the one that keeps you close into their cozy arms.

✦ Including
✧ Genuine talk.
✧ 1 hour Spotify Session.
✧ Midnight talk until 1 A.M.

🃏 Hades (15.000 / day)
For those people who wants to have a steamy conversation while taking what’s on your mind and make it real life, this is the one for you.

✦ Including
✧ SFW imagine.
✧ 1hour Spotify session.
✧ 15 minutes Rave date (YouTube).

🔱 Poseidon (18.000 / day)
A special package made for those who wants to be pampered with a soft touch and a vast gentleness.

✦ Including
✧ N/SFW imagine.
✧ 1hour Spotify session.
✧ 30minutes Rave/Game date [choose 1].

An additional services can be added more. You can take a look in the regular menu to find an additional services. (+ Fee/Add-ons.)

(📍📝📢 )

❦. For the game date, please take a look at our talent’s profile so you’d be able to know about the game that they are available at.

❦. Spotify session and movie date can be extended with a fee. If you feel like you’re willing to have some more time with our talent, feel free to contact our agency for the add-ons included fee.

☎️ : Any reported unsatisfactory will be discussed among both parties: the customer & the agency.




🏆 VVIP (30.000/day)
This is using the (1:1) system, means during the rental session, the talent will accept you as the one and only lover for them. This special package is also not using work hours, means you can have a full-time lover— with no time limit. Heart-made for those who wants to be loved in both vanilla and steamy way.

✦ FREE additional services :
✧ N/SFW imagine (basic/semi/literate).
✧ A special gift from our talent— A secret gift, this could be a gift that is not written in additional services, made sincerely by our talent.
✧ Movie date.
Note : if you are too shy to ask the talent first, you can chat official account agency to tell the talent if you want to do this date. The talent will ask you first.

Working hours

ENG : Due to our talent’s other business, we would like to give an announcement about Fatal Romance’s working hours. The working hours will be starting from 10.00 AM to 11.00 PM. Anything activities that will be done outside our working hours will strictly be paid for an extra additional fee. Any late-night activities should be discussed with our talent before the payment to avoid any misunderstandings. Thank you!

IND : Dikarenakan kesibukan talent, kami ingin memberitahukan perihal jam kerja Fatal Romance. Jam kerja dimulai pada pukul 10.00 pagi sampai dengan pukul 11.00 malam. Aktivitas apapun yang dilakukan di luar jam kerja kami akan dikenakan biaya tambahan. Seluruh aktivitas yang dilakukan pada malam hari wajib didiskusikan dengan talent kami sebelum pembayaran untuk menghindari terjadinya kesalahpahaman. Terima kasih!

✦ Penyewaan yang dilakukan satu hari berlaku untuk jam kerja agency kami, yakni: 13 jam, bukan 24 jam.

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