Jermaine Starkov

The Lad of Fatal Romance

In betwixt the myriad ways of catastrophic nights that was caused by the Earth’s mortality, you will find peace and tenderness when you are stumbling upon the glorious mien of Sir. Jermaine Starkov. He surely is the connoisseur when it comes to treating his loved ones with a pure and gentle heart. To have an eye-catching boyfriend who listens to your problems and will always be there to give you a wise advice, oh isn’t he a whole-pack? “Worry not, you shall go around to some places— and I’ll take you to the highest road of moonbeams. You shall not fall, for I will be there to catch you and be your shining armor.”

About Jermaine Starkov

Zodiac: Aquarius.
Muse potrayed: Jeon Jeongguk.
Love language: Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service.

Right on this set up interview, I'd like to introduce you none of the other, myself. Goes by a name Jermaine as a lad; the talent of this agency. The one that will cherish you softly and gently. Wholeheartedly, will make you feel loved and lessen your loneliness.

People would say that I am adoring and lovable in terms of a relationship; with that, I could only agree and give my best effort as a gentle companion. My best bet is to throw cheesy pickuplines and unique yet refreshing jokes to break the ice as I am known for being a convobuilder, and also hopefully break down the walls you have, so I could do the same to my introvert side. Knowing me, being a humorous persona with bubbly personality is one virtue that I keep up my sleeve. Everything that you talk to me about would be one thing I'd cherish all the time, as your perspective and matters being my most important thing to take care of. Special power of mine; a sun in disguise.

My ears are all for you, listening to your stories whether it's about your simple day and things you go through, to your deepest concerns, I'd be one who simply listen to everything you say and am willing to give any validations you need. You could ask me to respond to everything, or just giving you simple daily affirmations, I will make you you will not suffer much than what you have been through. Keeping you safe and sound will be the number one in my priority whenever you are beside me. Label me the trustworthy one, cause, why not? Fret not, there is no way of me to judging you for who you truly are, for what you feel and think, and say. To make you feel loved and valid, that is why I am here for you. Lend you the whole of me, for you.

I may not be the most romantic, but all sweets and roses as here to brighten up your day at most unexpected timing of the day. Such as another affirmation words, and perharps a mellifluous love song that I will play for you. A fact to be known that I'm an absolute convobuilder. Bet your worries are totally gone away now, indeed a nearmost perfect boyfriend, aren't I?

I have things that captivate me the most, such as design—in fact I'm an editor, within books, movie, and music following behind as the things I adore the most for life. I am a perceiving one with lotsa knowledges, I am also a love and relationship learner, so, it's a free will and my ears are there, to listen to your stories and rant about anything and everything. Not to mention that I am also tend to understand much about human relations, thus I know how to treat you like a lover of my own, being the only person I care about at the time being.

more about

• Available to talk in English and Bahasa (or bilingual).
• I am into rock and classic musics such as P!ATD, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, The Smiths, Queen, Nirvana, Elvis Presley, etc. I am also a big fan of Thriller and Christopher Nolan's movies.
• Please do take a note that I will reply to every message you send, so don't be surprised if you get a long and generous reply from me.
• I definitely will tell you if I have a hectic or busy schedule, and I will not leave you hanging without the words never spoken.
• I am the kind of person who puts safety and comfort above both sides, so don't be afraid to say things that make you uncomfortable, or instead, tell me what makes you most comfortable.
• I am not available for imagine both in Bahasa and English (N/SFW) and real life related things such as OTP and voice notes.
• I love helping people and making my partner feel good and loved, so you can ask me to do (literally) anything for you, and I will gladly to help you.

• Available for CA, BA, FA, and RP.
• Telegram, KakaoTalk, Twitter, and LINE.
• Spotify Session.
• Movie dates via Rave.
• Additional typing & profile picture request.
• IC idols (Jeon Jung-Kook, Choi Yeonjun, Lee Do-hyun, Lee Dong-hyuck/Haechan from NCT).
• Ludo King, Plato, and Hago dates.
• Midnight talk (11.00 PM — 1 AM GMT+7 with T&C).
• Any tipe of romance (BxG & BxB, soft dom and submissive).
• Special gifts.
• VIP customer services.
• PDA (published relationship).
• Best friend and brother rent.

Min. rent: 1 day
Max. rent: 1 week (please have a discussion with me first before deciding to extend the rent time).