Joel Avery

The Lad of Fatal Romance

“Sweet child o’ mine, oh you’re divine!” that was the answer when you asked an old lady about our fetching heartthrob: Mr. Joel Avery— the one in a million, like a sheer sphere from a precious Emerald’s orbs. Without any doubt, he will be the guy of your dreams. Very much well-fitting to a “Prince Charming” terms, for his enticement will never be seen as something wearisome. His appealing lure is most likely unequaled to anyone else’s. Thus, would you run like a mad man to the heaven’s door? Let yourself fall into his orbit. “Palm trees in the light, I can see late at night. Darling, I’ve been wanting to greet you, come to me baby.”

About Joel Avery

Name : Joel Avery.
Zodiac : Pisces.
Muse potrayed : Lee Juyeon.
Side muse potrayed: Kim Sunwoo and Lee Jeno.
Love language : Acts of services, Quality time, and Words of Affirmation.

Embarks the cordon bleu salutations, lads and lasses. Before I start the essences of this, first and foremost I intend to acquaintance myself to you. By the name of Joel Avery, here I merrily give guidance to know some facts about me which perhaps you requires to know.

First merits over this all, I definitely allows you to do anything that you want to do. As long as I know it's good for yourself and others, I will do the same things in return. If you are looking for someone to lean on while listening to all of your stories, I need to congratulate you, because you found the right one. Some of people said that I kind of a mature person who gladly to lead everyone's in any kind of situations. Don't hesitate to lean yourself on mine while telling me about everything that you are willing to say.

Truthfully, I never let someone to feel left out around me. I can be clingy at the right time— that has been the proficiency of mine since day one. I fancy a light nor deep talk conversation, and mingle well with the random talk too. Stashing an abundant of the serenity and tenderness. A part of art’s connoisseur. I am into music, classical instrument/music and painting— I would gladly to talk about it if only you asks me to.

Switch to the next clause. As we can see above, my first love languages is Acts of services, I infrequently lying on something that I have said and I ain't kind of person who will give you an empty promises. Constantly comforts you and I am able to be a listener and hear all of your problems. It all will be safe with me since I am a good secret-keeper. I would like to comfort you by giving an advices about everything, if only you need it. Protecting you is the paramount responsibility of me. Build upon one of the second one, Words of Affirmation. By that means I might be send you a long messages and touches your heart by an ingratiating phrases.

more about

• Maintaining the cosiness of yours is the most important circumstances for me.
• Speaks both in English and Bahasa. Just tell me which languages that you usually to use and more comfortable with.
• I allows you to give me a nickname. Ever since I don't want to be the one who obtains it, I will do the same in return.
• A convo-builder. I will try my best to keep the conversation and gives a sincere long replies.
• I lean myself as a listener. Yet, I will probably gives you an advices once you opened your problems on me. It depends on what you need, the advice or listener only.
• As possible will not leaving you alone while questioning about my appearance. If I can't online (Just incase maybe something unexpected happens), I will tell you right away.

Availability :
• Both of special gifts.
• Available for CA, RP, BA, and PA.
• Change name, VIP customer only.
• Additional typing, VIP customer only.
• Face claim request, VIP customer only.
• Available on Telegram, Twitter, And KakaoTalk.
• Any type of romances : BxG and BxB (Dom-lean).
• Both of N/SFW imagine, literature/semi-literature/basic in English.
• Late night companion, both of light or deep conversation is permissible.
• Requesting any type of relationship such as a romantic one or love-hate is strictly permitted. Since I can be a mature, clingy, or facetious best/boyfriend, I would love to know what kind of relationship that you are wanting for.

Min. Rent : 1 day.
Max. Rent : 5 days (can be extended).