Laurent Chevalier

The Lad of Fatal Romance

Amidst the realm of tranquility and antiquity, there goes a lad who would be the band-aids to all your broken pieces. Despite of the fact that he was sent down from Heaven— there is still a little side of him that was amended from the Abyss. Monsieur Laurent is the finest company that you’d ever stumbled upon to: like a drip of chambre wine from Bordeaux— and his presence will last for so long, in your own reverie and reminiscent. He could swear by all things that whirls around the microcosm “If you ask me for an eternal love, I could never bid you one. Thus, I would give you the remarkable experience of love that will lingers upon your mind until the end of time.”

About Laurent Chevalier

Zodiac : Libra
Love language : Physical Touch & Words of Affirmation
Muse potrayed : Kim Taehyung

Honeyed skin and tender heart, like a beaming sun that swiftly lingers through your skin— shining and unwavering. Those are the interpretations of my traits, they said. A lad who’s going under the vidalicet of Laurent Chevalier, that is who I am. Perhaps my façade has rang the bell to your heart, should I do a proper introduction here? Ah, writing about myself has never been my forte but it is your wish whom shall be my command, no? I would give my whole entire universe up for you.

Truth be told, I am a very soft person who’s standing in between a steamy and fluffy romance. Not a quirky one, at all— instead, I am a mature and loving figure, they said. People around me love to describe me as someone who deeply cares for my lover, and I value a deep and lovely conversation. Not to forget the fact that intimacy is one of the most crucial things in my love life.

Talking about the things that I grow my love to, it has always been the culture of European. Both literature, or even the architecture— he deeply is growing a tremendous fondness towards it. I am into a bunch of vintage music, especially when the genre is Jazz and Classical. Other than that, I also listen to present days music as well as the romantic French songs. Having a sweet rendezvous while talking about our interests, that sounds a little too sweet to be ignored. One time, I could be an early sleepyhead; and turning to an owl-night the other times.

I have my own soft spot for the ones whom I love. Fret not, I am very good with words. An instrumental player, even though I am still a rookie— I would not hesitate to play a song or two for you. Hence, would you like to give me the chance to be your company for a while? Do spare some of your time for me. Promise that you would never regret it. Who would’ve known that it could be the fate who brought the two souls of us together?

more about

• I am available for any type of imagine as long as it is in semi/literate and English.
• Trilingual: Bahasa Indonesia, Fluent English, Broken French.
• I am always down for midnight talk but my maximum capability is only until 1 AM.
• I use Rave for Netflix, Youtube, or movie date. Please give the admin a precise movie that you want to have thus we can avoid any miscommunication.
• Will try my best to give the fastest response as I possibly can but I do have some chores to be done so please, do tolerate my business.

Availability :

• Available for CA, BA, RP only. PA is strictly prohibited.
• Special gifts that I made from the heart.
• Typing request and desired muse for VIP customers only.
• Published relationship for VIP customers only.
• Any type of romance with your desired orientation.
• Game dates: Ludo King, Plato, Stumble Guys, The Ghost, and Genshin Impact.
• Spotify session.
• Instrumental playing: only capable songs, this one can be discussed before the rent time.
• Available on: Twitter, Telegram, and KakaoTalk.
• In Character: BTS members, NCT’s Jaehyun, NCT’s Doyoung.

Min. Rent : 2 days
Max. Rent : 5 days (can be discussed for an extended session)