Here's a table of contents so you could get to stuff easily < 3

Love ya!

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PAGE 3. Chloe appreciation

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PAGE 5. Coloring tutorial.

PAGE 6. Fonts

Miyah iyah

For my day one < 3


Omg , ilysm. We've been besties since FEBRUARY!! 5 MONTHS !! < 33 You've been my day 1 , my everything. I'm so glad i met you. You've helped me through my darkest times. You are like family to me , you are the one who cares for me the most. If i didn't meet you , i would be a mess. I've talked alot abt you to my irl friends , they actually think your cool! ( ik ik , i'm a good friend ) And i really look forward to calling / face timing more often! < 3

chloe ploe

For my bestie chloe!!

hi !!! i just wanted to say , your the sweetest person EVER. I'm so glad I'm called one of your bestfriends. It makes me so happy. Your always making sure we are okay , we absolutely appreciate that! Ily!!

Viv twix

For bestie / wifey viv twix!

Omg girly , we actually met A LONG , Time ago! I'm not 100% sure if you remember. Anyways , your the sweetest , funniest , coolest girl I've EVER met. Your always praising the wappie gc. I also love how you take time from your day to help us out < 3. Miyah , chloe , and I really love you wifey! I can't wait for all the memories we'll create together.

Here's a quick color


DISCLAIMER :: this coloring is NOT , mine. Please give coloring credits to reet ( addscherie ) on tikok.

Apps needed :: 24fps , ultralight , B612 , Prequel.

1. 24FPS

Import the code , 'TAK3 ON M3'

2. Ultralight

Clarity :: -10
Sharpen :: -10
Noise :: -10

3. B612

Fade 1 filter :: 90%

4. Prequel

Effect , sparkles :: Optional

Filter , oakland 2 :: 50%

Exposure :: 40

Highlights :: 30

Skintone :: 35

Blur :: Optional

- - -

That's my coloring tutorial! Again , i do not claim this coloring as mine. Give cc to addscherie.

Small font pack

I use these for my theme!

DISCLAIMER :: Most of these are on!
I will label which are not!

Fonts ::

04B_30__ ( not on dafont )
Lemon milk medium
Refresh bonus
Bakso sapi
Chunky funks
Social media icons


Allthingscat ( not on dafont )
Asly brush
Butterflys / butterflies
Garlic salt
Ham is cute regular
Hello kitty icons
Hipster icons
Sant joan ( not on dafont )
Sprinkle regular


( on safari , and Google )