~About me~

Practice makes perfect!

Hi! I'm Faye and this is my story...

I've been drawing since the age of 9 drawing anything I could. I often wanted to draw but didn't no what.

One thing without a fail I love doing art. I do love it. I studied Art as a main subject for 3 years and in college level 3 for 2 years.

I admit that I did stop during school times as GCSES was getting too much and I didn't have time to draw.

Throughout my time of college, I started drawing again. I picked up my love for Art once again I would draw on a regular basis.

Since I left college back in 2016 I've been drawing ever since and those who follow me on Instagram have noticed my progress from back then compared to now.

One bit of advice I give to everyone is keep practicing and it makes you improve and one day you'll look back and think.. wow.

If you draw as a hobby or as a job drawing regularly does really, really help.
I also highly recommend when drawing portraits using a grid method. It can be long but it's worth the outcome.

I hope in years to come, more people will follow me and my progress with my art journey and my improvement.