"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." - Someone famous probably

This is a place to collect all my knowledge of what you can do to PREVENT health issues in your body. As a Biomedical Engineer who worked on medical devices for heart disease for 7+ years, I found the modern healthcare system accomplished very little actual healing when it came to chronic issues. It was a big awakening moment for me. We are taught to prioritize health only when we start having issues, and even then, the "solutions" are really bandages for the symptoms. To actually heal from physical/mental pain, I had to look elsewhere.

Here, I will document what I know from my own research as well as from my experiences while being absorbed in different cultures during my travels around the world. You can learn about what foods/drinks to incorporate into your life in order to PREVENT issues from arising, rather than to CORRECT them later when life becomes more difficult. These are the things I feed myself...

DISCLAIMER: Per FDA guidelines, I am not making any disease claims or unsubstantiated structure/function claims with this information. According to them you probably shouldn't be listening to me at all. I'm just a living soul trapped in this meat pack we call a human body, trying to take care of it as I would take care of a puppy. Use this information however you wish. 🐶