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Handmade With Love

Introducing Feed The Munchies. It is a small handmade fashion accessories brand which is based in Subang Jaya. We started selling handmade scrunchies since May 2020 and slowly adding more products with minimalistic design. Feed The Munchies, a label that aims to explore and provide avenues for showcasing inner beauty, focuses to let people express themselves with fashion.

Behind Feed The Munchies, 2020 was meant to be a year of change after a year-long slump in 2019. I always wanted to start my own brand and I take the chance to start it this year as someone told me "you have to start somewhere." It was a huge decision that I had made. And I never regret it. Despite lack of experience, I still take this opportunity to do something I am passionate about. It was a tough journey but I am grateful that I made this decision and I learnt a lot through this period of time. There's always up and downs. During this pandemic, many people have lost their jobs including my parents. All the plans like pursuing my studies have to stop for a moment. With unemployment rising and uncertainty, "DON'T GIVE UP." Try and be positive about it.

Christmas is around the corner get the Christmas gift for your loved ones. Due to this pandemic, we are unable to celebrate it like we used to but we still can exchange gift with each other. Get them now with free shipping and affordable price!

Check out our Youtube channel for more behind the scenes videos. All links can be found on our Instagram bio.

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