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About me

Welcome to my page, my name is Tatiana, and I am proud to say that I have a natural talent and intuition about the right food for our bodies.

I am passionate about providing the best solutions for my clients, motivated by my own experiences and chronic conditions I was able to solve on my own with an understanding about significancy of a well-balanced diet along with mindfulness within all areas of my life.

I am confident that long term physical and mental health can be established by following certain daily routine which will benefit your body and your mind.

I am not offering you a diet, or a certain lifestyle, I am here to provide you with a compassionate counseling, a combination of a personalized meal-plan, fitness and meditation, to serve all your conscious and unconscious needs.

My goal is to help you achieve daily awareness and satisfaction with yourselves first, and then with food and body.

My whole life I was seeking the scientific evidences for my intuitive eating, and create the formula for others, to feel and listen to their bodies, do not overeat and do not create a deficit of calories without a need, choose food based on your individual needs.

Take care about your own well-being, be in love with a true yourself, restore your innate ability your nutrition without any particular diet, consume food with satisfaction and without any guilt, or judgement after eating.

Breakfast time

Start your morning with nourishing your body and mind

How many times have you heard a saying, “we eat to live not live to eat”?

My personal motto sounds pretty similar but has a completely different meaning.
“We live to love and to be good to the world, and we eat to be good to yourself”

Breakfast 1

Chia pudding with berries

Breakfast 2

Avocado salads

Breakfast 3

Veggie omelet


Foods to Awaken your Sex Drive

Valentine’s Day Menu

Food to boost your sex drive

All meals and ingredients chosen carefully to provide you with an optimal amount of calories and libido-arising natural aphrodisiacs, that you can find only in certain foods