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If I Were a Rich Man: Rent Strikes as a Response to COVID-19

Join Feminist Majority Foundation intern Serena Saunders each week in If I Were a Rich Man as she explores the topic of money–as it relates to feminism–to provide young people with the information and resources they need to survive, thrive, and fight economic injustices. This week, Serena’s exploring rent strikes as a powerful tool to respond to financial concerns from COVID-19.

Sex Work is Work: COVID-19’s Impact on the Sex Industry

Like so many workers in other industries right now, the COVID-19 pandemic is harming sex workers’ livelihoods. But while sex workers are taking necessary precautions to stay healthy and safe while continuing to work, the criminalization of sex work makes accessing necessary services and protection much more difficult.

It’s Earth Day. It’s Also Time to Talk About Climate Change’s Role in Causing Pandemics.

The emergence of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China and its rapid development into a global crisis has augmented existing research about disease outbreaks and their spread. For some time, public health and climate science researchers have been asking: how do we prevent diseases jumping from animals to humans? And, in an increasingly interconnected world, how do we mitigate disease spread among humans?

Change Is Happening–Just Look at Virginia.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam certainly had a busy weekend last week. Virginia undeniably has a history of oppressive legislation, particularly in regards to race relations, gun control, and reproductive rights and access. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the governor’s own less-than-palatable past, which is putting it mildly: he’s not exactly the poster boy for the progressives after the racist stunts he pulled in medical school. Despite it all, last weekend was a huge step forward for Virginia. Here are some highlights of the banner Easter weekend in Richmond.

If I Were a Rich Man: Happy Tax Day!

Today, April 15, is Tax Day, the day that federal and state income taxes are due. Well, it would be if this were a normal year. The Treasury Department and IRS have pushed back the 2019 filing deadline to July 15 of this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. That means you have more time to file your taxes which, if you’re eligible, can land you a $1,200 stimulus check. But, wait! Before you hop on to finish filing, you should know about some of the ways in which tax policy both shapes and is shaped by the world we live in:

Coronavirus School Closures–What Now?

With rent to pay, medical expenses to cover, and groceries to buy, how will those without income due to work closures get by? The answer: many will not– demonstrating yet another American “safety net” with far too many holes in it. Families and school-aged children will suffer because certain members of Congress think that jobless aid benefits are so “generous” that they may discourage people from working altogether. The government must do more to protect the future of our country: students and children. The question at hand now is, how are cities, communities, schools, and local governments protecting the children (and their guardians) that are most vulnerable in these times?

Feminist Campus

The world’s largest feminist student network

Feminist Campus was originally launched (back in 1997!) to inform young feminists about the very real–and still very real–threats to abortion access, women’s rights, civil rights, affirmative action, and LGBTQ+ rights posed by right-wing extremists.

In a nutshell, Feminist Campus exists to ensure that every college and university campus has a thriving feminist presence. The Feminist Campus team helps students start new feminist groups on campuses (often called Feminist Majority Leadership Alliances, or FMLAs) and team up with existing student organizations that wish to affiliate with Feminist Campus to gain access to Feminist Majority Foundation resources. Together, these groups make up a nationwide network of hundreds of pro-choice, progressive, student-run, feminist organizations.