Keeping fitness and nutrition real and simple

If you are here for professionally plated food and the latest fitness trend you’ve landed in the wrong spot. As a full time working Mom (college professor) with a business on the side, and 3 kids. Life is WILD and messy and I love every second of making the most of it.

I train clients 1:1 and customize every aspect of their program. I adjust your nutrition based on the way you body responds to my programming, and deliver coaching each week to help with habits, recipes and food choices. No two programs are alike. If you are ready to take control of your fitness, smash that “apply to work with me button below”

The cost is $250/ month and you have unlimited access to me and my coaching at all times through my app. I set your calories, your macros, give you small habits to check off, and I give you a full resistance training plan that will get you looking and feeling lean and strong!

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My philosophy

Its not just training and nutrition, it’s a lifestyle

Let me take some of the mystery out of weight loss and exercise. It’s not about finding the latest moves to “burn fat” and it’s not about the best supplements. It’s about showing up for your well-being every single day, both mental and physical. It’s about doing something over nothing and finding time in the day to move your body and then fuel it with LOTS of nutrient packed food!
I don’t follow the influencer rollercoaster of trends and I don’t know the latest gimmick to get you to lose 5lbs. I know what works because I’ve helped hundreds of women find the right program for THEM not what works for “me”. Weight loss and muscle gain is about what works for YOU and your lifestyle, that’s why you need a coach and not a trainer.