Hello dear friend, you're welcome to my website. I am Aminat, your spice formulator. I formulate healthy and tasty natural food seasoning powders using herbs and spices to help take your cooking to another level while boosting your health.

I help people who have been advised to cut down on their sodium / salt intake eat tasty and healthy meals while watching their health. With me, together we say NO to bland meals and YES to delicious and healthy meals. Afterall, healthy meals do not have to be bland.

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According to Monica Auslander Moreno, a dietician for the Miami Marlins, herbs and spices make food tastier while boosting your health.

My Top Picks Natural food seasoning powders

Many times customers say, "I am new to cooking with herbs and spices, please recommend products for me to start with". Below are the recommended spice mix blends for first time users of herbs and spices.

Multipurpose spice

This is perfect for all kinds of dishes like meat, chicken, stew, soups, rice, egg sauce etc.

Himalayan salt

This is an healthy salt with natural iodine, lower amount of sodium and 84 essential minerals. It is also tastier than regular table salt.

Ginger and garlic mix

This is a fine blend of ginger, garlic and country onions. It is a perfect replacement for fresh ginger and garlic.

Jollof spice

Perfect for jollof rice or jollof spaghetti, egg sauce, stew etc. It gives your jollof the signature jollof taste and notes.

Naija native pot

Perfect for local dishes like moi moi, porridge, egusi, efo riro, ogbono, ofe nsala, edikang ikong etc

BBQ dry rub

Perfect for grills, marinade and barbecue. It already contains salt to taste.