FIAT 90 - Your "Yes!"

"Let it be done to me according to Thy Word.” - Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum. 

An important part of Fiat is the sisterhood amongst the women we embark on our 90 day journey with.
We were not made to walk alone. By supporting and lifting each other up we are able to best
say our YES and centre ourselves toward holiness and glorifying God. We have introduced accountability partners/small groups where there is a mutual agreement and responsibility to check on each other and encourage one another to step out of our comfort zones and into the light.
The journey will not always be easy and we will have struggle but we will have our accountability partners/groups to lean on and look to for support as well as constructive feedback. This will enable to open ourselves to God’s graces leading us closer to Him.

Welcome to DAY 1 of your Fiat 90 Journey! 🙌🏽🤍

Some things to remember and aid in kick starting your spiritual habits on your Day 1 and Fiat journey...

"Mary turned to the servants and said to them, ‘Do whatever He tells you’.”

*Welcome to Day 1 of your Fiat journey!!*

This will be exciting, life changing and challenging!!
But we have God, His army of angels and Saints to turn to, as well as, our sisterhood!

Before you begin say this prayer:
_“Mary, Queen of Heaven and of Earth, pray for me. I invoke your help as I discern this task. Grant me the humility, the wisdom, and obedient spirit that does not hesitate to surrender and trust in God my Father. Amen.”_


🌹Although we don't want this to be so robotic or for us to be caught up in ticking boxes, some things to remember and aid in kick starting your spiritual habits on your *Day 1* (and Fiat journey...):

**Please refer to the digital checklist for further help and guidance to help with your battle plan.

God bless you all on your Fiat!🔥🙏🏻

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
- Georgina.

♥️🌹Wearing your Scapular and Miraculous Medal

♥️🌹Deleted social media apps (deactivate if you wish)

♥️🌹Plan ahead, even if it is not a well organised plan (this may include: prayer times, meals, priorities, mass, exercise, water, rest etc).

♥️🌹Set your alarms (wake ups, 3pm prayer, mass and any others you wish. Put your phone further away so you have to get up and out of bed!)

♥️🌹*Pray!*🙏🏽 Don't forget your private intention for your 54-day novena. If you have not thought about one, please do so as soon as you can.

There is a great app the 54 rosary novena tracker/Laudate, this may help! ☺️

YouTube & Spotify Links

FIAT WORKOUT - Spotify 🎵

HOLY ❤ - Spotify 🎵

JESUS JAMS - Spotify 🎵

Maronite Playlist- Spotify 🎵

  1. Divine Mercy Chaplet

  2. Arabic Rosary

  3. Catholic Crusade Rosary Playlist (All Mysteries)

  4. Bible in 1 year - Fr. Mike Schmitz

  5. Consecration to St Joseph - Fr Donald Calloway (daily)

  6. "Alone with God" - Contemplative instrumental

  7. Fiat song 🙌🏽 TOGETHER - King & Country

  8. Ya Oum Allah

  9. A Letter from God

  10. You are Made for Love

  11. The Veil removed - forever changed the way to see and celebrate Mass

  12. The Virgin Mary: The Masterpiece God

You are a Master Piece, You are made in His image, crafted and hand picked MADE BY LOVE FORE LOVE ❤🙌🏽

You said YES 😍🤍